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Woman who had surgery to become ‘virgin’ again insists vegans are better in bed

Brazilian beauty Kerolay Chaves, known as White Fairy on social media, is known as the last virgin on OnlyFans”. Reflecting on her past, she said she always thought vegans were better in the sack

A model who wants to be the “last virgin on OnlyFans” claimed vegans were always better in the sack.

Brazilian beauty Kerolay Chaves, known as White Fairy on social media, started modelling on OnlyFans after realising how much more she could make on it compared to her phone technician job.

Earlier this year, the 21-year-old shared plans to get surgery to “restore her virginity.”

At the time, the brunette beauty confessed she had a particular request from a fan who asked her to perform virginity surgery.

Hymenoplasty, also known as virginity recovery surgery, is a surgical intervention that aims to rebuild the hymen.

It consists of the union of the parts of the hymen that have broken, but that are still in the vaginal canal.

Kerolay said she decided to go ahead and perform the request for the fan, as she wanted to be “the last virgin of OnlyFans”.

The model says she likes the idea that everyone can remember their first sexual relationship.

Recently Kerolay confessed she always thought sex was better with vegans.

She said: “I felt more pleasure with vegan men and women at sex.”

The claim comes as World Vegan Day was celebrated on November 1.

In addition to a simple diet, the practice is a true lifestyle that fights against animal exploitation and the negative environmental impacts on excessive and unregulated livestock.

But for Kerolay, veganism also impacts a person’s sex life, and she says ditching meat makes people better in bed.

Although there is no scientific evidence that proves there’s a connection between veganism and enhanced sexual performance, a balanced diet is something that is already known to be a source of a healthier life in all areas.

This includes sexual life, including aphrodisiac foods, so it’s possible to say that good foods offer vitality, energy, cheer, good mood, self-esteem and many other benefits.

The influencer, who is not vegan, also believes it’s possible to have a balance between vegans and non-vegans to provide improvements between people.

She added: “I don’t believe that if everyone goes vegan it will fix the world, but relating to a vegan person is a way to balance the scales.”

Kerolay also thinks people need to be flexible and on the same wavelength to enable a relationship to survive beyond sex.

“These are very different ideas of how the world works,” she added.

“For one it may just be a piece of meat. For the other it’s a whole ethical, moral issue.

“Only good sex doesn’t secure a relationship.”



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