WhatsApp: So you can convert voice notes into text, if you don’t want to receive audio

WhatsApp continues to make gains and stats confirm it: the leading mobile messaging app reached 2000 million monthly active users worldwide in 2020. That’s right, the covid pandemic and confinement have contributed. However, there is a trend that has a much simpler reason: just for convenience, more and more votes are being sent out. Moreover, whichever is longer, as if it were a podcast. Technology is a step ahead and it already has a solution: this is how you can convert voice notes into text. And without having to install another ‘application’.

In order to become a comprehensive app and go beyond instant messaging, Meta develops functionality and implements new features on a regular basis. In this sense, it already allows you to make purchases in its most important markets.

Users suggest improvements and tricks

But not all improvements come from the company. Thanks to third parties and the users themselves, there are countless tips and tricks for getting the most out of the App. On the other hand, in this way you can know the name provided by your contacts. Be careful, because you might be in for a surprise.

On the other hand, if you get a lot of audio notes and don’t want to listen to them because you don’t have headphones on hand or because you simply don’t envision this method of sending messages, you can now transcribe the audios.

The robot transcribes the phonemes: “Alfred writes…”

a bot Allows you to transcribe voice messages quick way And practice reading it instead of listening to it. “Alfred the Copyist he is Computer program Developed by Shilo magn which automatically puts words into the voice notes. How do? The editors of EL PERIÓDICO have implemented it and it works. Take note.

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The first step is to add to a file program From Contacts the number +14156809230. Add it with an extension Noun Whatever you want, open a file new chat on WhatsApp and forward the audio you want to transcribe. Automatically, you will see Alfred perform the miracle. Specifically, you will see the message “Alfred writes…(Alfred is typing) And in less than a second you’ll receive a text response in a file Spanish is great. even with accents s punctuation marks.

This way, you can continue any conversation without having to listen to the audio. Right now, it only converts messages up to 60 seconds long. So if you have friends who send podcasts, ask them to do so separately. Of course, keep in mind that you will participate and give in Private Information With third parties, so Be careful.

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