WhatsApp | 3 tricks you should know

WhatsApp, like all social networks, has some little tricks that not everyone knows about, but which work quite well. With them, you can Save a lot of space on your mobile device And get the most out of your instant messaging app.

Before you start with the trick, you must Check for app updates pending. Then, if your phone is Android, find the icon with the three vertical dots, and if it’s an iPhone, find the Settings area. Once you are in the Settings area, click on Account and then Privacy. Scroll down to get there default message duration And choose to hide all messages from your phone for 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days, depending on your preference.

You can also apply this setting for a specific conversation It can be personal or collective. If you want to do this, simply open the chat in question, tap on the name of the group or contact, and access the Temporary Messages option. In this way, all messages, photos, videos and audios in this chat will automatically disappear after the specified time.

Clear cache

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Clearing cache is one of the best options to increase your mobile phone space. This simple gesture allows you Get rid of temporary or residual files that are stored in your device’s memory, causing it to slow down or run out of space.

Again, open the phone’s settings, go to “Applications”, then “WhatsApp” and then “Storage & cache”. Finally, tap Delete to get rid of temporary files without getting rid of the most important ones, such as chat data.

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