Valencia, Madrid and the Balearic Islands, which benefit least from the regional financing system

RFS is synonymous with “coffee for everyone,” though some get more than others. Specifically, excluding the Basque Country and Navarre because they have a different financing system (Basque quotas and the Navarre Economic Agreement), the 15 autonomous regions of the common system received 2425.1 euros per capita (per capita) last year. By autonomy, it was those who received the least Valencian Community (2247.1 euros), Madrid (2,365.7 euros) and Balearic Islands (2373.5 euros). at the other end, Cantabria (3278.9 euros), Rioja (3238.6 euros) and Asturias (3077.7 euros).

This data comes from an update of the AIReF tool for comparing economic and financial information between different autonomous regions, with new indicators for expenditure and income.

The Community of Madrid received 2,365.7 per inhabitant through the regional financing system during 2021, according to The Independent Authority for Financial Responsibility (AIReF). This is reflected in the public figures of the various organizations compiled by AIReF in the Observatory of Economic and Financial Information for the Autonomous Communities. The data corresponds to the previous year, as this year is not yet available.

On average, 15 autonomous regions were transferred under the common system 2425.1 euros per personThe Basque Country and Navarre do not appear in the table because they have their own financing system. From more resources to less resources, Cantabria The region, with 3278.9 euros, was the region that received the most money per inhabitant from state funds, followed by La Rioja (3238.6) and Asturias (3077.7).

Funding system contributed to Extremadura 3042.7 euros per inhabitant; From 2,937.1 to Galicia; From 2857.5 to Castile and Leon; 2,825.7 to Aragon; From 2800.2 to Catalonia; 2,586.3 to Castilla-La Mancha; From 2,485.2 to Murcia region; From 2,483.1 to Canary Islandsand 2,451 euros to Andalus.

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