Ukraine-Russia war, live the last minute

It’s been 309 days since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, but the conflict doesn’t seem to be abating. Despite Christmas, the invasion launched by the Kremlin knows no truce or respite. Without softening his usual harsh tone, yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov again demanded that Kyiv accept Russian terms of peaceOtherwise, the army is responsible for imposing it.


Russian missile attacks on Lviv left 90% of the population without electricity

The massive missile attack by Russian forces on Ukraine left 90% of the city of Lviv without electricity, while three people from Kyiv were reported injured in the capital. “90% of the city is without electricity. We are waiting for more information from the power engineers. Trams and trolleybuses do not run in the city. There may be interruptions in the water supply. We are switching to diesel generators at critical infrastructure facilities,” Mayor of Lviv Andrei Sadovy, he wrote on Telegram. Meanwhile, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, reported that three people were injured as a result of shrapnel from a missile, including a child under the age of 14, who was taken to hospital.


Kyiv urges residents to evacuate Kherson amid intensified Russian attacks

Ukrainian authorities are urging residents to evacuate Kherson as Russian forces intensify their mortar and artillery attacks on the recently liberated southern Ukrainian city. Some residents who lived under the Russian occupation are reluctant to leave despite the bombing, according to a local official who was involved in the evacuation.


Russia claims to have shot down several Ukrainian drones in the Bryansk region

On Thursday, the Russian authorities confirmed that they had shot down several Ukrainian drones in the Bryansk region, located near the common border, and confirmed that “there were no damages or casualties.”

“Our air defense system is operating on the territory of the Klintsovsky district. There are no damages or casualties. As a result of these operations, drones were shot down,” Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomaz said in a message on his Telegram account.

Bryansk and other Russia’s border regions have been the scene of attacks that have been attributed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the invasion of Ukraine, which was unleashed on February 24 on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


The United Nations appoints a new coordinator for the grain export initiative from Ukrainian ports

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has appointed the organization’s new coordinator for the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the agreement reached in July between Ukraine and Russia to allow the re-export of grain through Ukrainian ports. Guterres’ office indicated that Kuwaiti Abdullah Abd al-Samad Dashti would replace Sudanese Emir Mahmoud Abu Allah, who has been the UN coordinator for the initiative – launched by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations – since August.


European natural gas prices have fallen to the Ukrainian pre-war level

Gas prices in Europe have fallen back to levels seen before the Ukraine war began in February, as fears of a gas crisis eased this winter. Refinitiv data showed that European gas futures fell a month ago to 76.78 euros per megawatt hour yesterday, its lowest level in 10 months.


Russia will freeze the sperm of reservists sent to Ukraine for free, according to the Russian Bar Association

Russia will offer reservists sent to Ukraine the possibility of freezing their sperm for free, according to TASS. Igor Trunov, head of the Russian Lawyers’ Union, explained that the Ministry of Health will support with its budget “the possibility of free preservation and storage of sperm” of citizens mobilized to participate in the attack in Ukraine. They will benefit from this procedure 300,000 men were musteredWithin the framework of the military campaign in Ukraine between this year and 2024. Reuters reports


Zelensky claims that the reconstruction of Ukraine will be “the largest economic project of our time in Europe”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described Ukraine’s reconstruction after the end of hostilities as the largest contemporary economic project in Europe during his annual address to the Kyiv parliament. “The reconstruction of Ukraine after hostilities is another component of justice. It is already clear that it will be the largest economic project of our time in Europe,” the Ukrainian president said on Wednesday, as stated by the Ukrainian presidency. As he admitted, the entire territory of the country needs to rebuild infrastructure, energy, social sphere and other facilities that do not meet security requirements.


Ukraine condemns a new wave of Russian attacks with “more than a hundred missiles” and drones

Today, Thursday, the Ukrainian authorities denounced a new wave of Russian attacks with “more than a hundred missiles” and drones, without any information about the victims at the moment, in the midst of the invasion that began on February 24 by order of the Russian President. , Russian President Vladimir Putin. “More than a hundred missiles are on multiple waves,” Ukrainian presidential advisor Oleksiy Aristovich said in a message on his Twitter account. He explained that “the air defense systems are working” before asking the residents not to publish pictures of the places that were bombed. Ep Reports

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