Top 2023 Golden Globes nominees: That’s how the bets are

Ago On December 12, the nominees for the Golden Globe Awards were announced.the Predictions about who will receive the award on Tuesday, January 10, have been volatile. A few hours before the concert that Hollywood Foreign Press Association It will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. These are the favorites in the main categories according to the Gold Derby portal, which combines the forecasts of various specialized publications, the opinion of an expert panel and the votes of readers.


Best Movie (Drama): FablemansDirected by Steven Spielberg, it clearly leads the rest of the competitors in predictions. Avatar: Water SenseAnd Elvis s Top Gun: Maverick They have a close dispute for second place.

Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical): bets tend towards Everything once everywhere Written by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Anisherin from Inisherin, By Martin McDonagh, to follow soon.

Best way out: Steven Spielberg, for favour Fablemansstill ruled in this category, although in recent days my author shares Everything once everywhereand Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

Best Actress (Drama): Here my favorite is Cate Blanchett, for her work on tarBut Michelle Williams (Fablemans) and Viola Davis (The King’s Woman) also seems to have options.

Best Actor (Drama)The struggle for the prize in this category is a matter of two parts: Austin Butler Elviswho starts with a very slight advantage in the betting, and Brendan Fraser, for Whale.

Best Actress (Comedy or Musical): Michelle Yeoh, protagonist Everything once everywhereis the undisputed favourite, ahead of Margot Robbie (Babylon).

Best Actor (Comedy or Musical): Colin Farrell leads with authority in predictions for his role in Banshees by Inisherindespite the nomination of Daniel Craig (Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery) is gaining a great deal of support in recent days.

Best animated movie: bets indicate Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro. Any other winner would be a huge surprise.

Best Foreign Language FilmForecasts indicate that there will be intense competition between India $$$$ and German No news aheadwith koreans Decision to leave In third place at a short distance.


Best Series (Drama): chapter (chapter) Leading bets ahead the crown s Dragon house.

Best Series (Comedy): Abbott College Established itself in recent days as the favorites, while the nominations The bear s Only murders in the building They have lost options.

Best Actor (Drama)Protagonist: Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saulbegins with a certain advantage over his closest pursuer, Adam Scott, his nominee chapter (chapter).

Best Actress (Drama): the pulse in the head between Zendaya (trance) and Imelda Staunton (the crown) indicates all projections in this category.

Best Actor (Comedy): Here there seems to be a clear favorite which is the protagonist The bearJeremy Allen White. Steve Martin (Only murders in the building) is the only one who seems in a position to beat him.

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Best Actress (Comedy): Bets reflect a tie for first place between Quinta Bronson (Abbott College) and Gina Ortega (Wednesday), although the former takes a more upward progression.

Best Miniseries or TV Movie: predictions give the victory of the second season of white lotusfollowed by The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

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