Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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This is the viral trick to curl your hair in 1 minute

It is actually possible to achieve curly waves in a minute. Instagram has found the solution to achieving the perfect hair volume with the simple use of a plastic bottle. Go ahead and try it!

To leave behind your fine hair, you can implement a technique that will catch your eye. If you want to change up your “look” and achieve perfect waves to give your look a more fun twist, pay close attention. Through Instagram we found the Bottle Blowing Challenge, a very popular beauty trick.

How to turn smooth hair into curly hair in a minute has gone viral. It was the first time this beauty trick came out Asia She quickly entered our lives for her Astonishing results.Many Instagram users from all over the world are already trying this technique They teach their followers how to carry out the process. By posting a video, the simplicity and speed of achieving perfect waves with just a few pieces of any plastic bottle can be appreciated.

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