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This is the best anti-lice product according to OCU

Back to school is often synonymous with back lice. According to the statistics treated by Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU)These insects reach six out of ten homes with children. Dealing with this “plague” is now easier with these products recommended by the OCU.

A study published by OCU revealed that most homes use shampoo, lotion, or gel with permethrin or other insecticides to fight lice. Specifically 64%. 17% experience these problems with nits, 12% with vinegar, 4% at specialized centers and 3% with other treatments.

Specifically, according to the same report, the use of these shampoos or lotions is the best treatment. About 80% of users consider it very effective or very effective.

Scientific evidence always shows, according to the study published by OCU, that the most effective products are permethrin-based insecticides. These are also cheaper and easier to use. It also reveals the effectiveness of lotions and silicone gels, the big advantage of which is that they act very quickly.

Lentrera is also useful, although its use is more complicated. It requires a more thorough application to be effective and also requires a more thorough review of the hair.

Regarding the use of home remedies such as vinegar or natural oils, the OCU does not recommend them. According to their statistics, 15% of users continue to use it, although its effectiveness is called into question.

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