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The viral trick that will make your perfume last all day long

Tiktok has become the social network for tips and tricks. In it we can find everything has become An essential tool for beauty and fashion lovers. There are many profiles that give Tips to be on the lookout for beauty topics.

After the success that emerged around manicure, now TikTok users are delving into the world of perfume and discovering Advice you will love. Tiktoker Erin Dugan posted a video showing how we can make our perfume last longer and it’s very simple.

It is enough Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the pulse pointsi.e. inside the wrists, elbows or neck, then Spray perfume on these same places. This will ensure that the scent stays in the leather for a longer time.

In the video, Irene uses Vaseline round But in the comments, users claim that It is also effective to use unscented body lotion and apply fragrance before it is completely absorbed.

Another trick they share is applying cologne to the hair, although the ingredients of colonies can dry out and damage the hair. So if we want to use this Hair perfume so that the fragrance lasts all day but this can cause hair damage, so the ideal is to use the right products for this such as essential oils.

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