The US Congress approves a budget that includes 45 thousand million for Ukraine

On Friday, the US House of Representatives approved a $1.7 trillion budgetwhich avoids the government shutdown of the century and includes 45,000 million for Ukraine.

The spending bill received the green light from the Senate the day before, so US President Joe Biden remains only to sign it.

Biden celebrated in a statement that the budget “advances our country’s key priorities” and is “further proof that Republicans and Democrats can come together to deliver results for the American people.”

This bipartisan push was seen in the Senate, where Republicans and Democrats were tied for fifty seats, and the spending bill had 68 votes in favor and 29 against.

It was very different in the House of Representatives, where the parties voted almost unanimously: Democrats and Republicans vs. It was the last chance for the former to exercise his slim majority: in less than two weeks, the Republicans will regain it thanks to the results of last month’s legislative elections and the tone of their opposition to the budget is a two-year preview. of fighting in the conference.

“This brutality,” he declared, “is one of the most shameful acts I have ever seen in this Chamber.” Kevin McCarthyThe Republican who will take over the House of Representatives from next month and who has accused Democrats of waste and support for “woke up” causes.

The budget was built on the basis of mutual concessions between Senate Republicans and Democrats: increased security provisions—both for the Pentagon and for local security forces—as requested by the former; but also others for education, health, or veterans, as promoted by the latter.

The multi-billion dollar budget includes major expenditures for Ukraine, which has been condemned by Republican lawmakers closest to former President Donald Trump and his “America First” policies.

The 45,000 million dollars in Military, humanitarian and financial aid For the Kyiv government, they were one of the reasons Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, stood up this week in Washington: to add support to the game in the middle of its negotiations. “Your money is not charity,” he told lawmakers in an address to a joint session of both houses. “It is an investment in global security and democracy that we will use in the most responsible way.” So far this year, the US public treasury has allocated nearly $100,000 million to Ukraine, and more than $20,000 million for weapons to repel Russian aggression.

Passing the budget also averts an imminent government shutdown that could have come at the worst possible time: in the midst of the historic cold snap it left behind. 1.5 million Americans are without electricity This caused transportation chaos amid the start of the Christmas holidays. Lawmakers had until midnight Friday to avoid a government shutdown, which would entail, among other things, the cancellation of many federal public services.

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