The Treasury Department opens the door to firing officials who do not achieve the goals and throws the unions on top

The development of a point that was already foreseen in the General Staff Regulations of 2007 and which until then caused quite a bit of dust, such as the possibility Removing officials who fail to perform adequately from office From its functions, it opened east between the Ministry of Finance and two major unions of public functions (CC.OO. and UGT), at a time when the department headed by María Jesus Montero needs their support more than ever to move forward with one of the reforms committed to Brussels: Approval of the Civil Service Law.

In a joint appearance, spokespeople for the State General Administration of CC.OO. and UGT Described as “extremely dangerous” That the government intends to use the rule to organize the removal of officials from positions won by competition based on a simple performance appraisal report without known criteria and with little transparency in their opinion.

A statement from both trade union centers questions whether an official can be removed from office based on an assessment “presented as something irrefutable” and for which “the person has no administrative defense against a negative assessment of superiority”.

Unions have warned the government that it will abide by the standards if the matter is not regulated more carefully and transparently.

The controversy refers to Article 57 of the draft government law, which states that “the continuity of civil servants in jobs obtained through competition will be linked to the outcome of their performance evaluation, It may be removed in any case due to lack of performance It is manifested by inadequate fulfillment of assigned tasks, inadequate performance, or failure to adapt to job tasks that cannot be replaced by training actions.

the Union CSIF also made clear its refusal on Wednesday To the fact that the government “intends unilaterally to separate civil servants from their jobs” and demanded the participation of trade unions to establish due standards and guarantees that would allow the evaluation and determination of the work of public servants from the point of view of reward, promotion and consequences.

Repair must be done

A project approved by the Council of Ministers, committed to Brussels within the recovery plan, elevates performance appraisal to the category of the main tool “to improve the productivity of the various units and the quality of public services, and to align the goals of the organization with the work of the staff”, but Its concrete substance is left to the final development of the regulation It later shows and in fact that as long as this does not happen, the internal organization of the state will continue around the existing standards.

Referral to future legislative development It leaves some key developments for the standard up in the air. For example, the implementation of a new supplementary salary for performance, successor to the existing productivity and the equivalent of 5% of the annual expense of state employees. As of today, and with the exception of very specific cases, more than 900 million euros are distributed according to a certain discretion and based on criteria that are not always transparent. The government’s draft plan includes linking the perception of this credit to the degree of compliance with the objectives set for each public employee to measure his performance.

This assessment report will also be essential when selecting candidates in internal state promotion processes, when applying for positions in other territories or even when To be able to prolong active life in public office After the mandatory retirement age, which is set by current regulations and the Civil Service Bill at 65 years.


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