The sound effect of an era

the Ministry of Culture Musician Santiago Osirón is listed among 33 people and institutions distinguished with the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, which recognizes outstanding work in the field of artistic or cultural creation, publication, and preservation. The franchise does not assume a delay in taking over some favors by a government body, because in 2011 it has already been awarded the National Award for Current Music by the same ministry, although It redirects the cultural authority’s “negligence” into its main prizewho in recent decades has awarded the same medal to other contemporaries of the musician from Zaragoza.

All the culture ministries that were in Spain showed a singular miserliness when it came to rolling out the red carpet for genre recognition. On the contrary, they were distinguished by generous stinginess, which is worth paradoxically, to admit Popular music also deserves to be framed in what is known as the fine arts. From the 1970s to awarding the gold medal to a rocker, we had to wait until 1993, when it was awarded to Miguel Rios, a period that could be considered a long-distance race if we consider that the distinction began with the smell of a closed closet – Salvador Dali aside – in honor, Among others, by the writer José María Peman or the sculptor of the Valley of the Fallen, Juan de Avalos. Much progress was made this year when, with the exception of Oseron, the government decided to award the same medal – exactly as it deserves – to the promoter of the ceremony. gay trader. Long life rock and roll.

Official recognition of the co-founder of Future RadioThe alter ego of Juan Piró represents the culmination of a cultural phase in Spain, that of the grandiose debut of the eighties, a phase that the Ministry of Culture has celebrated in recent decades, always in small doses. The gold medal for fine arts arrives at Auserón (with Pedro Almodóvar, the most influential artist of that generation) when he turns 68. Considering that recognition has to accommodate completely different disciplines (literature, painting, architecture, music, gastronomy), it was not very reasonable that Miguel Bossuet or Hombres G were singled out in 2009 and 2017, respectively, for their contribution to artistic creation. In Spain, Santiago and Oseron no. Nobody disputes the merits that have been given them throughout their careers by Alejandro Sanz, Rocío Jurado or José Luis Perales, the same people who rightly recognized themselves in their day to Sabina, Rosendo, Medina Azahara or Luz Casal. But, Surprisingly, the medal did not hang from Antonio Vega’s lapel Or now that they can, Jaime Urrutea.

Whichever party rules since Miguel Rios paved the way from rock music to the gold medal of fine arts, the political class seems to have suffered a certain embarrassment in admitting that the music of the ’80s, with those sets of impossible shoulder pads and easy melodies and absurdity rooted in his lyrics, He can be proud of his legacy of culture An excellent harvest of unrepeatable artistsof which Santiago Osirón, who was also the author of a large-scale literary work, is the spearhead.

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Governments ended up recognizing the contribution of the most influential musicians of that stage, such as the cases of Rosendo, Luz Casal, Kiko Veneno, Alaska, Los Secretos or Loquillo. Fortunately, the governments of Aznar and Rajoy ignored that nonsense fruit of ignorance that one of them, the mayor of Madrid in 1991, said, Alvarez Del Manzanowhen he said it The eighties were barely enough for two concertsYou don’t have to bury her [la Movida] Because he’s gone, he doesn’t even have a body to bury. It was something ethereal, political propaganda, that left no residue. I don’t remember a single book, or a single plate, or a single record; Nothing, there was nothing left of this move.” In the end, they gave up.

Latin rock wouldn’t be what it was without the massive contribution of Radio Futura. In Spain, Macaco, Amparanoia or Jarabe de Palo are not the same, but not with Mano Negra or Aterciopelados outside the national territory. Santiago Oseron left them all behind, either as the leader of the best band of his time or as a solo artist under the name Juan Pirro. And it continues to impress.

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