The government is considering further interventions for rents in the face of the housing law

The government is intensifying its moves to launch the eternal housing law, which could be discussed in Congress with new surprises. Because the coalition is now negotiating a series of amendments to the bill that was approved in the cabinet last year to consider more interventions on rents, such as setting prices for new homes that are integrated into the rental market and redefining the concept of the big fork. . They already recognized movements in this direction from the socialist wing. The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, confirmed last week in an interview with the newspaper España that they were analyzing with their government partners the possibility of reformulating the concept of the large fork included in the bill. Initially, the PSOE and Unidas Podemos agreed that these owners would be the only ones affected by the restrictions on rents and defined them as the natural and legal persons who own more than ten owned urban properties, excluding garages and storage rooms, or a built-up area of ​​more than 1,500 m2. In practice, a way to punish the big money without punishing the small owners. Something that was later amended by United We Can, which continues to argue that the procedure does not discriminate in this regard. However, transportation is now considering opening the ban and reducing this definition for owners of between five and ten properties, as confirmed by the Ministry of Transport to this newspaper. An adjustment by which they seek to greatly increase the housing stock affected by the rental price caps and satisfy their partners in some way. According to Transport, like other measures included in the law, the rule must be determined by the Autonomous Communities in those neighborhoods that can be adopted as hardened zones. Another concept that may be redefined during the negotiations, but it will initially cover those locations where the average rent or mortgage plus expenses is 30% of the household income, in addition to proving that in the past five years the rent has risen more than five points above the record regional consumer prices. But there could be more news. Transport sources confirm to this newspaper that there are more topics for discussion, “but they are still under negotiation,” and at the present time they do not specify any of them. Diaz’s advanced sources close to the negotiations indicate that one of these points will be the one that concerns housing contracts that enter the rental market for the first time in stressed areas. Unidas Podemos wants to also be marked with a price limit governed by the same price reference index that will come into force within a maximum period of 18 months after the final approval of the rule fixing rents for large owners, although in this case they are small owners. Related Record News If ERC and Bildu Threaten Government Plans In Latest Major Bills Juan Casillas Bayo Congress in January Will Advance Regulations on Right to Housing and Citizen Security Right Now Bill Still Reports Owners of Fewer than Ten Homes in stressed areas, tenants will have to automatically extend contracts for one year, up to a maximum of three, at the same price and on the same terms at the time the area is so advertised. It is a measure that the purple formation, led by Vice President Yolanda Diaz, has already been able to extract from the Socialist Workers Party within the decree of anti-inflationary measures approved during the last periods of last year. Until July, landlords will be obligated to extend the rental price for six months plus the rental price for those tenants whose contract expires. An achievement that gives Unidas Podemos wings to document the base in the future housing law. The other issues stopping the approval of the new law have already been revealed by the rest of the participants in the negotiations, ERC and Bildu, two pro-independence parties, as already happened with other laws, they will be the key for the government to move forward with the rule. At the moment, both formations seem insurmountable in the talks. The EER seeks that the rental interventions included in the Housing Code be similar to the norm already approved in Catalonia three years ago so that it is armored and joins Bildu and Unidas Podemos in calling for a ban on eviction without an alternative to housing.

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