The Carrefour steamer leaves the bathroom sparkling in minutes

House cleaning is a very daunting task for many. If you do not like cleaning the house at all, then you will definitely be interested in this device that it has to offer Carrefour. It hand steamer Perfect for deep cleaning every corner of the house in no time.

This versatile appliance is ideal for making ceramic surfaces such as the bathroom or kitchen. It is also ideal for preserving Sofa and chair upholstery It can even be used to clean the car interior. We will tell you its features and the price at which you can get it.

This is the handheld steamer sold by Carrefour

The steam cleaner offered by Carrefour is the model Solac LV1301. This compact iron has a power of 1050W and a tank capacity of 350ml, which makes it extremely easy to manage. In addition, it has a pressure of 3 bar.

The device is equipped with a three-meter cable so that you can reach any corner. It also has a pilot light that warns when it’s ready to start cleaning. The steamer comes with many attachments to facilitate cleaning in different places. It has a funnel and a measuring cup to precisely control the amount of water we put into the machine. It also contains an extendable hose to reach all corners and a special attachment for cleaning upholstery, in addition to another attachment for upholstery. crystals.

All of these “cleaning equipment” can be purchased at Carrefour stores 35.50 euros. Considering its price and versatility, this device can help you save a lot of Euros on the purchase of other appliances and cleaning products. In addition, its small size allows it to be stored anywhere.

How to clean the whole house with hand steam

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One of the main advantages of this steamer is its versatility, as it can be used to clean different items of the home. It’s perfect for leaving your home’s tiles and tiles looking like new. The same goes for crystals. The steamer is also ideal for Sterilization of curtains and upholstery of chairs and sofas.

In addition to cleaning and leaving surfaces sparkling, the steam from this appliance is also perfect Disinfect your home And leave it free from microbes and bacteria.

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