The Brazilian Attorney General’s Office is requesting that Bolsonarista deputies implicated in Sunday’s assault be investigated

The Brazilian Attorney General’s Office asked the Supreme Federal Court (TSF) to investigate three of Bolsonaro’s deputies.incitement to action undemocratic” after the attack on the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia last Sunday.

In a statement, prosecutors asked the TSF to investigate parliamentarians Andre Fernandez and Silvia Waiape, both from the Liberal Party (PL) — the same formation as former President Jair Bolsonaro — as well as parliamentarian Clarissa Tercio, from the Progressive Conservative Party. .

According to the petition, the three deputies are accused of “inciting acts of violence and vandalism” through “posts on social media before and during the sweeps,” which could constitute the offense of “public incitement to crime.”

Two days before the anti-democratic actions, Congressman Andre Fernandez He posted a video on Twitter announcing the “first act against Lula’s government” that would take place over the weekend. He also posted a shattered photo of the office door of Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, according to Metropoles.

Clarissa Tercio, On the day of the assault, he posted a video on Instagram inciting the Bolsonaristas. We just took power. We’re in Congress. All people here. “This will go down in history, the history of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” he said.

for his part, Sylvia WaiabeHe, who is close to former President Jair Bolsonaro, encouraged the actions through posts on Instagram also on the Day of Anti-Democratic Actions: «People take the ministries square this Sunday! The seizure of power by the Brazilian people dissatisfaction with the red government.

The attorney general’s request comes after parliamentary groups from the Workers’ Party (PT) and the Party of Socialism and Freedom (PSOL) in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies asked the Supreme Court to investigate the cases of the three congressmen.

Lessons from the attack on the Capitol

US and Brazilian lawmakers are seeking ways to cooperate on an investigation into the violent protests, and share lessons learned from the investigations into the attack on the US Capitol, said people familiar with the conversations. The initial talks came as more than 70 lawmakers from the two countries signed a joint statement condemning the “undemocratic” forces trying to overturn the recent elections in their country through political violence, Reuters reported. The Bolsonaro-Trump connection will be included in the said investigations.

On the other hand, the Brazilian government doubled security measures in Brasilia, on Wednesday, before announcing the return of supporters of the former president to the headquarters of public authorities, according to AFP. Police, riot trucks and a helicopter guarded the heart of power in the capital, but no protesters showed up. “There is no hypothesis that the unacceptable events of January 8 are being repeated in the Federal Capital,” he said. However, vigil is maintained in the country in anticipation of a new mobilization

55% of Brazilians blame Bolsonaro

On the other hand, 55% of Brazilians considered former President Bolsonaro responsible for the coup attacks that targeted Sunday the presidential residence, Congress and the Supreme Court, according to a survey published by Datafolha on Thursday. 93% condemn the assault And 77% believe that those involved in anti-democratic actions will be held accountable before the Brazilian judiciary, which has already begun ordering the arrest of some government officials, such as Brasilia’s police chief and former Bolsonaro minister Anderson Torres.

In addition, 42% of those surveyed are highly optimistic that burglars will receive a harsh punishment, while 35% expect a light sentence. Similarly, 17% expected a year of impunity and 6% did not know what to answer.

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