Spain national team: Laporte: “I’m not addicted to football and I don’t like watching matches”

Aymeric Laporte is one of Luis Enrique’s master pieces Check-in French by birth, he has carved out a niche for himself and fully understands philosophyA from the Spanish national team. There are many footballers who realize that their lives do not revolve 100% around the ‘king’s game’, and the Spanish centre-back is one of them.

“I am not addicted to football, nor do I like to watch matches”Laporte mentioned in A An interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian”.. There are about five or six players from Spain who usually gather to watch all the World Cup matches, but that is not the case.

In fact, the defender admits he hasn’t looked at the possible opponents for the round of 16 if, it seems, Spain qualify: “I didn’t even look, I didn’t make predictions. That we come across those from group F? Well I have no idea. If you tell the truth When I play City, I don’t even know when the games start. My family calls me and says what time do you play tomorrow? Well we are.”

True, Laporte does not watch all the matches of the World Cup, but he does watch some of them and believes that at the moment there is no one better than the national team in terms of football: “Honestly, I haven’t seen anyone play better. Individually, there are many teams with great playersbut in terms of football and play, very few are like us.”

Comparison between Guardiola and Luis Enrique

Aymeric Laporte sees Spain as a mirror to many other teams in this World Cup: “Our game is an example for many teams. We play very well, we have great footballers, we move the ball … “

You can not miss the comparison Guardiolaand his manager at Manchester City, W Luis Enrique. And the answer is surprising: “They are very different, despite having the same idea of ​​keeping the ball. They both want the ball to control the game but it’s true that with Guardiola you try to unbalance the opposition a bit more, and you take more risks from here.”

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