Sky Rojo ends with more passion and adrenaline…and Rauw Alejandro

red sky Aroused controversy at the time for addressing a scholar prostitution In a crude way, through the vision that sex workers had for their clients. Some questioned whether the Netflix series should open up such a nuanced discussion, while others pointed out that it wasn’t a documentary, But fantasy. Pure entertainment.

Whatever it was, no one was indifferent Difficult scenes with clients, which are narrated by each of the girls, as well as the violence shown both in the sexual favors and in the treatment by the pimp and his henchmen. An emotional claustrophobia that didn’t stop at Continuous persecutions Of these after the young women’s multiple escape attempts from Hell. Despite the fact that they ran in the lonely open spaces typical of the American West.

In these chapters, his own last season and the thirdAnd Alex Pena and Esther Martinez Lobatothe two formidable brains behind this indisputable phenomenon Stealing moneyThey place the girls away from their captors, in a remote village and start a new life. Or at least he tries to, because the sound is over Coral, the bitch is as addicted as the brain who explains Veronica Sanchez It does not give the viewer a choice to relax. He warns you that everything is a mirage, because that is dark It’s hard to dodge the past. “Coral only physically escaped from the club, because emotionally and mentally she never left there,” the actress explains.

her companions in the brothel, Gina (Yanni Prado) Wendy (Lali Esposito)Although marked by the trauma they’ve experienced, they want to turn the page. And that the images of those attacks return to his mind. Although they are just flashes, since, according to Martinez Lobato, this is an area that has already been explored in the series.

“Gina is naive and she always believed they could have a normal life. And she still does,” Prados says of her character. They even fall in love with ordinary people. One of them is embodied Kathryn Sobelana. “My character bets on this love without imagining what’s behind it,” says the Who actress Model 77. Another new character Thiago Correa (flower house). Not forgetting, of course, the one the singer played Rao Alejandro The big surprise of this season.

More agitation

And this particular emotion has yet to be explored in the series, which will also appear Romeo, the sadistic owner from the brothel (Asier Etxeandia) and his assistant, Moses (Miguel Angel Silvestre), which feeds part of the new plots. “The characters relax emotionally and express a personality we didn’t know we had. In the case of Romeo it’s fear and in the case of Moses it’s a 180-degree arc that goes through his low hours,” explains the creator.

However, the girls soon They will wake up from this dream of freedom. “They will see how the past crushes you with its claws regardless of whether you want to rebuild your life. How impossible it is to pretend that nothing happened after suffering agony,” he insists. So the next part of the series will feature him. Revenge, That great plot that makes up the adrenaline vehicle sky red.

The final fight

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“My character this season is aware of all the lies that have been told to him and, more importantly, the lies that he has told himself. It’s not about the person. He is thirsty for revenge and will do everything in his power to carry it out, ”says Sylvester. And what he ends up becoming in a duel Enter Victims and pimps. On to something more personal. It’s a deep fight. The last fight,” Martinez Lobato points out.

And who will win it? The series never ceases to be Kind of comic and fable Covered in all this aesthetic shimmer pulp And the intention of the camera, and the editing, and the music… And although the characters are not Manichaean, there is a good and an evil side. With what it should end, like every comic, fable or story poetic justice & rdquor;concludes the Creator.

Rauw Alejandro, “Witch” icon

the singer Ro AlejandroWho plays 50% of himself and the role came to him red sky to personal choice. “I was very excited, because they offered him to star in other series and he chose red sky. He loved her, saw her differently and felt that he could contribute something,” admits Esther Martinez-Lobato.

And they put it on the good side. “He never thought that I was in the dark,” says the Creator. “But that his character would have prevented it, because he is a kind and charming being.” So much so that the team, respected by dealing with an icon, is the star of the song as it is Rosalia’s friendHe quickly relaxed: “He was one of the others, he worked like everyone else, and he was so generous and inclined to let himself be directed,” he says.

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