“Sit at Home”: Stay outside for free while pet care

Action house sitters It allows you to discover new places and learn other languages: a dream experience for animal lovers

vacations, marathon workdays, emergencies, and mldr; Pets often require more hours of care than we can devote to them. For this reason, it is increasingly popular Outsourcing to third parties to take care of our colleaguesWhether for a walk or to take care of them for a period of time.

Like the au husband —Young people who move to another country to live with a host family while helping with childcare or housework—is work house sitters allow See new places and learn other languages. A dream experience for animal lovers. Yes in deed , do not pay. It is an exchange, so you must have the financial ability to fund the flight, accommodation, and other related expenses.

Plus the experience of living outside and being surrounded by dogs, cats, or other types of pets are among its advantages staying at home There is also the possibility of enjoying your home, which sometimes lives animals that will be taken care of Houses with gardens, swimming pools or even farms.

regarding the duration staying at homeeast It can last from a week to several months. In Raquel’s case, her experiment persisted 60 days. He found the offer on one of the many pages and apps available for this: Trustedhousesitters. He has been in the same company for six years but with the Covid-19 pandemic he is out of work. At that time, after the end of the coronavirus crisis, he decided to travel to Melbourne, Australia. At his expense are two dogs and a cat. “A few days ago I felt a bit dizzy because you moved to a place you didn’t know and a house with a series of procedures or rules that you didn’t have time to adjust to at first, but it was an incredible experience, at that time I couldn’t have animals and this It seemed like the perfect way to enjoy his company.”tells the young woman from Madrid to this newspaper.

Before closing the deal, Raquel reviewed other options in the same country, but she chose this option because it was a spacious house, with a pool and garden, and a very good location, specifically in the city of Torquay. In addition to taking care of pets, I also had to do this Take care of the maintenance of the pool. “I was lucky with the owners and the animals. The dogs became adventure companions and I would travel with them every morning,” he explains. “I organized myself in such a way that I could spend a few hours on the beach or go to concerts or other events to meet people,” he adds.

Although Raquel speaks correct English, this experience helped her improve: “At first it was difficult for me because English in Australia is different from what we are used to hearing, but little by little you listen to it and you get used to it.” After spending two months as house sitter in melbourne, He extended his stay in the country for two weeks To be able to know other cities and places from the same. “After several days in Torquay, I was able to plan the holiday well with recommendations from the homeowners and other Australians I met, so good experiences were assured.”

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In addition to searching for a destination, on the web pages of staying at home You can also post your ad to find a sitter for your pets. Such is the case of Rafa, who had to work from Madrid to Berlin for a month. “Usually, if I go away for a few days, a friend will take care of my dog, but a month was too long for me to leave it to him, so I opted for this practice. I had several requests, and though I was a little afraid to leave my house and run the dog with a strangerIt was all great.”

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the staying at home It’s not completely free. in Some sites require a fee To register as a caregiver. This can range from €20 to €90. Then you should complete your profile with a description and try to get the owner to choose you among other candidates. Trustedhousesitters, Nomador or MindMyHouse are some of the available platforms.

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