Secret Obama administration documents found in Biden’s private office

At least twelve classified documents From the stage of the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, as Vice President during the Obama administration were found during the month of November in the private office of the President when they should have been in the hands of the National Archives.

Biden’s lawyers found government classified ads ahead of the midterm congressional elections at the Ben Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, the president’s private institution attached to the University of Pennsylvania, where he was professor emeritus between 2017 and 2019, CBS reported. .

In total, they would count At least ten confidential documentsthough it is not clear why they are or why they are in Biden’s private office and not in the custody of the National Archives.

The law requires the release of official documents

Federal office holders in the United States are legally binding To give up official documents and confidential records when your government service ends. However, they could request it under a permit, although, according to the above chain, that was not the case.

Meanwhile, the day of this discovery – to be exact November 2, 2022—, the White House Attorney General’s office notified the National Archives, which seized the materials the next morning and reported the incident to the Justice Department for investigation.

The White House is cooperating with the National Archives and the Department of Justice regarding the discovery of what appear to be records Obama-Biden administrationincluding a small number of classified documents,” Biden adviser Richard Sauber detailed in remarks to CNN.

The documents were discovered while the president’s personal attorneys were packing files in a locked safe to prepare to vacate an office at the Ben Biden Center in Washington. The president used this space periodically from mid-2017 through the beginning of the 2020 campaign.”

As Sauber explained, the documents “were not the subject of any prior request or consultation by the archive.”

Mar-a-Lago incident

These events occur months after the FBI agents raid The Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida of former President Donald Trump Confiscating the secret papers of his presidency that remained in his custody without permission from the competent authorities.

Among the documents I collected Federal agents During the raid on the Mar-a-Lago residence in August, some classified files were found that would describe a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities.

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