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Rocío Marquez and Alhambra Monkey Week Flamenco and indie festivals: an inevitable combination

The Flamenco artists Search for general indie and the festivals India seeking programming Flamenco artists. A union that seems inevitable today. When asked, fiestas explain that they have been programming flamenco artists for a long time. But this is a similar name to a noun Rocio Marquez is the headliner of Red week of the monkeyAnd the Which starts this Thursday in Seville, it’s something completely new. He explains the consolidation of a trend that can be traced back 14 years ago, when Enrique Morente explained With Lizard Nick his album omega In the Primavera Voice or in Benicassim International Festival.

“At Monkey Week, we’ve always had a connection with flamenco,” he explains. Follow Carito One of those responsible for the festival, although he is never given such importance. He replies: “That’s right. On the one hand, the horizons of programmers are opening up, and on the other hand, flamenco also shakes complexes.”

“Rocio really likes to diversify the audience. Because of the kind of reactions, because of the variety, because of the age of the attendees…she comes out in very good shape,” he explains. Ernesto NovalisCantura representative. Marquez attends the Seville Festival with DJ and Producer Bronchi to submit your album Third heavenreleased in May, which moves outside the Flemish faith. It might seem that these kinds of proposals, on the fringes, are the ones best suited for independent music festivals. Rosalia is with her Mis-understanding At Primavera Sound or at the show party of Mad Cool for the year 2019, Tomasito in Palencia Sonora in 2019 or Maria Jose Lergo in Primavera Sound From 2019 some examples. in the electronic circuit, A child from Elche next to flipper I had the honor of playing my first flamenco guitar – that Raul Cantizano– At Sónar in 2015, the collaboration in the same year was also on stage Red week of the monkey. But there are others that are closer to orthodoxy, such as the cantor doctrine Israel Fernandez with guitarist Diego Del Mourao, which also begin to form part of the programming of this type of festival. They were in the latest version of Festival life (eg Marquis and Bronchio), just like Diego Lobster In the Sonora Rivera for 2018 and Cherry cocoon at Primavera Sound in 2020, just to name a few.

In this edition of Red Monkey Week, plus Rocio Marquez The singer will be there too Thomas Berat (Introducing his latest record work, Three hits) , guitar player Ricardo Moreno and artists on the margins of Gondo, such as Christian de Maurier or The Voluble.

Perrate continues to sing in the more traditional flamenco spaces, but it is in these other types of festivals that he is allowed to perform. More creative proposalshe explains I married Cisco, from Anegro Producciones, Kantara Office. This is an essential aspect for artists: possibility You feel less judged, and more free, without having to adapt their proposals to certain templates. Festival Audience India It is not lost on whether he sang Malagueña del Mellizo or de la Trini, or how he performed it. They pay more attention to what made them feel,” Novales confirms. “If it turns you on, or if you don’t connect.” “They’re music lovers and they don’t understand boundaries,” he adds. Abel Gonzalezresponsible of reservation From Primavera Voice. “People come in curious, but they don’t see it as a local rarity, but perhaps as a sign of distinction.”

Rosalia “Tsunami”

Enrique Morente He was a pioneer when he took to those stages in 2008, with alternative rock band Lagartija Nick, omega, the album they recorded together 12 years ago and it was the first bridge to be created between two radically separated musicians until then. After that, we had to wait a few years for flamenco to start appearing little by little in the programming of this type of festival. But the situation changed with the advent of Rosalía and her successive albums Angels (Universal, 2017), recorded in collaboration with the musician indie FreeAnd above all, bombing evil will (Sony, 2018). “I grew up before, but since then, interest in root music has kicked in,” says Novalis.

Carito explains about Alhambra Monkey Week and flamingo monkey. But it’s true that now it’s easier to see them incorporated into cut festivals indie, under general programming “.” People from all over the world started it, Casado concludes. Rosalía managed to in Lollapalooza [un festival en Argentina] applause for bileria“.

The moment that the musical side of flamenco is experiencing appears in the one where Bailey lived a couple of decades ago, which led him to absorb elements from other contemporary styles and position himself in the spaces of the stage where he is already popular today, but 20 years ago not so much. “The tsunami Rosalía moved everything, and she’s doing something else now, but she’s left interest trailNavales reflected. Every media phenomenon that was born around it allowed for the brutal exposure that is now normal,” Carretto asserts.

Log born in the “monkey” and return to it

The role of Alhambra Monkey Week, a festival that has become a benchmark for new trends and emerging bands, goes even further. The quote is responsible, in a way, for the fact that the album itself Third heaven They exist, because they met under the monkey Rocio Marquez and Bronchio And there they decided to cooperate.

Rossio attended the presentation in Seville in 2019, and as part of that presentation to the media, she gave a small group Bronchi, like DJ. Karito says she was amazed at him. That same summer, they met again at the Alhambra Monkey’s Weekend that was held at Santa Maria portOur appreciation for the album The legend of time From Island shrimp in which many artists participated. They’ve never played together on this tribute, but that’s when they started considering a possible collaboration. The result can be seen on Thursday at the CITE Cartuja Center in Seville.

“This has happened a lot in monkey,” adds Carito. Something similar happened between Tundra and the Elche childwho gathered at a round table. ” And from that meeting a common interest will arise, realized in their joint venture Excurla and his only album to date, For those who are still alive (published 2017). “This is always a festival of encounters and collaborations. We love that Rocio Marquez and Bronco round out the year here, where it all began.”

Red Monkey Week: Overtaking Ticket Sales for Best Release

Explain Follow Carito Not only has he returned to full normalcy in this edition: he’s back It surpassed ticket sales for the best of 2019. The interest in the festival that serves as a showcase for trends never stops growing. This version repeats the experience of the previous version and centralizes all activities in one place: CITE Cartuja Centre, This will allow attendees to attend the massive array of performances, which Carretto highlights great presence of women, Something that wasn’t strived for, but just happened naturally. They also highlight national teams and proposals to consider Roots music Like the Danny the Llamawhose latest album looks at flamenco, or Mary the flowerwhich approaches the double syllables of the present.

Kiko cm and review it Take a little song Next to Vera Vona On the 30th anniversary of an album that is essential in the career of the Seville musician, is another of the highlights of the 2022 edition. As it will be, another year, Professional activities In parallel with the concerts that this year they wanted to focus on thematically each day that the festival continues: Music synchronization Thursday; recorded musicand Fri and live music, On Saturday, with round tables, public interviews and workshops for professionals in the sector.

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