Renfe withdraws the free subscription of more than 70 users for misusing it

Renfe announced the withdrawal of free subscription to More than 70 passengers who used it fraudulently or illegally. The railway company confirmed this The actions were carried out on December 7thwhen they warned those who incorrectly used tickets, “especially the behavior of some users who, among others, have reserved a seat on trains and then do not travel.”

The first warnings reached more than 75,000 “phantom” travelers who had booked tickets without flying. This behavior caused many trains to remain half empty while the system did not allow new tickets to be issued.

Renfe points out that opting out is not instant. “Two notifications are sent to the cardholder when it is discovered that he has not traveled permanently without canceling the reservation with the required prior notice. The third time it is abused, a penalty will be imposedthey warn.

The consequences are not only the cancellation of the free subscription in effect, but also They will lose the €20 deposit They will not be able to issue another subscription with the same DNI in at least 30 days. Although the large number of wary travelers suggests there were more revoked permits, in the end there were only a few.

In addition to travelers who did not finally use their pass, Renfe also detected a certain number of people who skipped Limit four daily round trips Maximum number of trips per subscription. In addition, they warn that “it is impossible to formalize two flights in the same direction until the scheduled travel time has expired three times.”

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