Rava beats Orestes | Rafa got it again in Pasapalabra: I haven’t done that for a long time

After several programs without success, Rafa beats Orestes, making the atmosphere tense. Every time they rack up a jackpot and it gets tougher to see who will get the pasaballabra jackpot.

one of the Beyond the possibilities of Pasapalabrais that the contestants fighting for the jackpot distribute the final money among themselves if they end up taking it. This is something Orestes joked about today.

The man from Burgos manages to make the whole group laugh by saying that he Rafa agreed that the €2,000,000 prize would go to Orestes and the remaining €26,000 to Sevillian.

Roberto Leal could not hold back his laughter, nor could his other collaborators. Rafa, far from taking it badly, also hesitated with another prospect present. Can you imagine that this event could happen?

Whoever wins the jackpot

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Raphael and Orestes The faces are seen again In ‘El Rosco’ after the last program he had a real heart attack. There is only one strike left for Sevilla The winning pot that has accumulated more than 2,000,000. The word that kept him from winning the jackpot was the “V” for a musical combination. In this program, the two contestants return with charged batteries To give their best and win the prize, which already amounts to an additional 1,000 euros.

no no Rafael Orestes They say goodbye to the guests who put them in during the the last three programmes s They helped him get as many seconds as possible against “El Rosco”.

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