RAE | Cádiz, co-host of the Spanish Language Conference, may be facing the crisis in Peru

Spain offered Cadiz As co-host of the 9th International Congress of the Spanish Languagewhich is scheduled to take place From March 27 to 30, 2023 at Arequipa (Peru), because Political instability in the Andean country, as reported by sources from the organization to the European Parliament.

In any case, these same sources have noted this It’s a Plan B. And that the idea would be to start the conference in Cadiz and then develop the second part in Peru, where the results of this meeting will be presented. The decision must be made in the next few days. In fact, the Royal Spanish Academy will hold an Extraordinary Plenary Session on Thursday 22 December to address this matter.

RAE Director Santiago Muñoz Machado confirmed last Tuesday that Congress is “moving forward” despite the “sensitive situation” in the Andean country. “The Peruvian government has summoned him and is moving forward, There is no reason to believe that it cannot be celebratedExcept for the country’s political instability,” he explained while presenting the 23.6 update of the Spanish language dictionary in its online version.

Muñoz Machado added that the program and the election of hundreds of participants “done”, although “the situation in Peru is politically sensitive and Until March, it is not known what could happen“But in principle there is no decision,” he said, noting that the decision depends jointly on the language academies or on the country itself. . But there is no agreement, we meet and talk, but there is no decision to boycott the programme.

So were the Cádiz Press Association (APC) and the Cádiz County Council The first to submit To host in 2023 the celebration of the ninth language conference.

In a message on APC’s social networks, the association made this offer in the face of “the political and economic instability that Peru is suffering” and that they are “making it difficult” to hold this language conference. We open the door and We offer to put everything on our own scheduled to be held in Cadiz in 2023 “, writes the Syndicate of Journalists. In the same context, the President of the Regional Council, Juan Carlos Ruiz Buicks, referred to his social networks, noting that the regional institution “offers cooperation with the city of Cadiz”.

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The city of Cadiz aspires to host the 10th Congress of the Spanish Language in 2025, with a nomination promoted by the Press Association of Cadiz and with the support of the Regional Council, the City Council of Cadiz, the Council of Andalusia and other institutional entities such as the Senate.

The King will open the International Congress of the Spanish Language and plans to bring together more than 250 international speakers and speakers in March 2023: academics, writers, linguists, historians, thinkers, editors, creators, educators, journalists and scholars, among others who will participate in the program’s various sessions.

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