Premier League: Reece James injury causes tension at Chelsea: ‘I have to bite my tongue’

theChelsea’s solid victory over Bournemouth was marred by a setback for Rex James. The winger returned to the field after an absence of more than two months due to injury, however It had to be replaced early. The reason was none other than a relapse in his knee, the same reason he missed the World Cup in Qatar.

The idea, confirmed by his coach Graham Potter, was for the footballer to play an hour into the game, but his timing stopped at 52 minutes. The truth that pissed off Recce James’ personal trainer: “I must bite my tongue, but there is so much to say”, the “coach” posted in a post on social networks, which he later deleted.

The player’s “personal trainer” also highlighted the player’s great commitment during the recovery process: “He is a very dominant athlete with an exemplary work ethic.” Qualities that distinguished Rhys James, for whom 2022 was a challenge: “I worked harder than I thought I could.James admitted on social media, “It’s been the toughest year for me.”

The medical tests that the player underwent today confirmed that he will be out for at least another month. A setback for Potter, who has lost an essential pillar of his scheme: “He’s a great player. He will fit into any team in the world. “We will miss him,” Graham Potter confirmed.

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