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Premier League: Reasons to believe this could (really) be Arsenal’s season

Arsenal is serious. There are reasons to believe this may already be his season. The victory over Liverpool (3-2) allows “Arsenal” Staying in the lead alone in the PM with 24 points out of 27 is possible, More than Manchester City. Since 2004-2005, with Wenger’s “Invincibles”, They haven’t got such a good start in the league. We study the keys to the ongoing revolution in the Emirates. “They’re having the fun of their lives,” says Virgil van Dijk.

a poem

change mentality

The main qualitative leap for Arsenal, who went five seasons without playing in the Champions League, is The honor that the team suffered on a mental level. “When I arrived in 2019, I had only one mission: to make the players and staff believe that we can and should change the mentality. We have to be tough and persistent to create a winning mindsetMikel Arteta acknowledges.

We have to be tough and persistent to create a winning mindset

Mikel Arteta

“Arteta was very aware of the club’s values ​​because he also grew up at Arsenal and was a leader with me. You need to create a sense of belonging, that you belong to something bigger than you and I believe you are on the right track.” Wenger admits.

autographs of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, We used to win almost everything with Manchester City, They doubled that winning character for “The Gunner”.They are both inspired by the best professionals for many years. Now it’s up to them to inspire the rest and show the hunger and dedication it takes to win.. His mentality is contagious.”

Now it’s up to Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko to inspire the rest and show the hunger and dedication it takes to win.

Mikel Arteta

Eleven recitations from memory

Mikel Arteta found a rookie team recited from memory: Ramsdale. White, Saliba, Gabriel Magalhaes, Zinchenko; Thomas, Shaka; Sacca, Odegaard, Martinelli; and Gabriel Jesus.

Arsenal started from the back with White and Zinchenko as ‘inside’, Odegaard and Xhaka off the hook and Saka and Martinelli very open.

The chart fluctuates. In defense it is more like a 1-4-2-3-1. In the attack, on the other hand, he adapts to 1-2-3-2-3 luck, With Saliba and Gabriel “locking back”, White and Zinchenko (placed inside as inside) to support Thomas on his way out and release Xhaka and Odegaard to supply Saka, Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli.

With two cannons per squad

Only two players under the age of 21 have scored more than 10 goals in the Premier League since the start of last season. Both are Arsenal, both wingers, both play wide and both are a constant threat: Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli.

Saka, with three goals, is the second highest assist (4) in the Premier League. Their pipelines have become a weapon of “mass destruction”: He is the player who “moves” the most balls into the area (19), the fourth player with the most chances (19), the seventh player who shoots the most (23) and the eighth player who puts the most crosses into it. region (16).

With Martinelli, who collects four goals, much of the same is happening. He is the third player to have the most chances (20) and finish the most kicks in the opponent’s area (17), the fifth to take the most shots (26) and serve the most passes inside the area (28) and the seventh. Whoever received the largest number of errors (21).

Between the two they destroyed “The Pond”. The Brazilian scored a goal and gave another to Saka, and the Englishman signed a double. “It’s a nightmare to play against Martinelli. It’s a constant threat.”Arteta suggests.

It’s a nightmare to play against Martinelli. It’s a constant threat

Mikel Arteta

Gabriel Jesus “Superstar”

The player who “changed the pace” for Arsenal is undoubtedly Gabriel Jesus. His importance in the team’s game far exceeds, by far, the five goals and three assists he has collected in the nine matches he has played in the Premier League. The Brazilian became a “game changer”: three of his goals put the “gunners” ahead.

All of Gabriel Jesus’ shots in the Premier League this season, all from inside the area

‘GJ’ is tired of playing as a winger for City and Now he is omnipresent on the offensive. He enters the area, leaves, falls on the band, and descends to receive… “Arteta knows me and I know him. I know what he wants from me. Now I feel I have the freedom to develop my football, and I’m playing with a smile on my face trying to give my best all the time,” said Gabriel Issa.

Arteta knows me. I feel now that I have the freedom to develop my football and play with a smile on my face trying to do my best all the time.

Gabriel Jesus

“I admire his attitude, his inclination and his desire to win every ball”, Arteta points out. Which is that Gabriel Jesus is also the number one defender when it comes to starting pressure. His fighting personality makes him a “toothache”: He is the Premier League player who commits the most fouls (21)… and receives the most fouls (29).

Heat map of Gabriel Jesus “Umnipotent”

Odegaard the most altruistic

Mikel Arteta did not hesitate to do so Martin Odegaard awarded the Arsenal captaincy this chapter. The former Real Madrid and Real Sociedad player has become a silent leader. He doesn’t have the “lights” of Gabriel Jesus, Martinelli, Saka… but he is the one who has the “singing voice” in the game.

Odegaard, who has three goals and one pass, shows his most altruistic version. The Norwegian is the sixth player with the most (20) passes in the area.

Arteta admits this generosity. “Odegaard always thinks of himself in front of the team. He is the first to arrive at training and the last to leave. He always listens and always helps his colleagues. His attitude is unusual.”

Odegaard always thinks of himself in front of the team. His position is unusual

Martin Odegaard

A step forward with Saliba

William Saliba signed for Arsenal in 2019 for €30m, however, Since then, he has lived at least a curious path. At first it didn’t work out and he was loaned to Nice and Marseille. “Arteta judged me for two and a half matches and told me I wasn’t ready. I wish I had more chances,” Saliba said.

Arteta judged me for two and a half games and told me I wasn’t ready. I wanted to have more chances

William Saliba

Saliba, 21, has become one of the undisputed pillars of Arsenal’s defence. The French international is the seventh player to recover the most balls (79) in the English Premier League. In addition, it contributes to the attack. In the card is “life insurance” with a success rate of 92.6%. He also added two goals and made one, taking advantage of his strength in the air match.

Finally, Arteta had no choice but to “give his arm to twist”: “He has proven himself in a very natural way. He is very calm and very self-confident.. I love the composure and drive he shows on the pitch.”

I love the composure and drive Saliba shows on the pitch.”

Mikel Arteta

Ramsdale, Ben White, Gabriel Magalhaes and Zinchenko all hit Saliba’s fine form. Arsenal is the second team to have the fewest shots (67), only 25 on goal.

Xhaka’s new role

Granit Xhaka seemed to have “a foot and a half” outside Arsenal for more reasons than football. He even ended up losing the captain’s armband to Martin Odegaard.

However, this season he has regained the best of his football. Mikel Arteta “liberated” him in the attack. Thomas Partey plays the role of “anchor” and the Swiss has more freedom to get off the hook and take advantage of his good shot from medium distance.either to mediate or photograph. Not surprisingly, he has already added two goals and made three assists in nine Premier League games. Also featured in the “Top 10” scoring opportunities were created in the Premier with a score of 31.

“Sometimes you have to get players out of their comfort zone. And open a different door to explore how the team will react and what the opponent will do”, suggests Arteta.

She gave a face against the “Big Six”

Duels against other members of the ‘Big Six’ (United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham) They have become Arsenal’s “Achilles heel” in recent seasons.

This season he has not only treated them like one, but also won matches against Liverpool (3-2) and Tottenham (3-1).. His only defeat in the Premier League came against Manchester United (3-1), but It was a match where Arsenal excelled in many ways and showed great character. Even with 0-0, they canceled Martinelli’s goal. The Red Devils, on the counterattack, shredded Arteta’s men in the latter part of the match.

Unstoppable from free kicks

Mikel Arteta’s lab is also working. Arsenal has five goals from set-pieces this season.

Martinelli goals against Palace (0-2), Saliba against Brentford (0-3) and Bournemouth (0-3), Gabriel Jesus against Fulham (2-1) and Gabriel Jesus against Leicester (4-2). They claim the importance of the “gunner” strategy.

Works. There are reasons to believe that This time it could (really) be Arsenal’s season.



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