Premier League: Chelsea owner Todd Boyle takes a step back: he lasted 3 months as sporting director!

Chelsea suggested encouraging the transfer market in the winter. After the crisis in London as a whole, he was a great supporter of many movements Blues Looks like he’s taking a step back Leave this post which he had assumed upon his arrival Chelsea After selling the club out Abramovich.

Pohli He was the main instigator of the arrival Graham Potter and take out tuchl from the bench Stamford Bridge. Chelsea was also the most mobile European team in the winter market. After Badiachel and Santos arrive, it seems imminent Joao Felix signed by the London club. All these movements occurred in light of the bad moment that Chelsea is going through: 10 in the Premier LeagueAnd Expelled from the FA Cup by Guardiola City And with the difficult task of Beat Dortmund in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Graham Potter on the Chelsea bench

Graham Potter on the Chelsea bench

Lakers and Dodgers, owned by Buhle

the Chelsea It is the last of many clubs controlled by Todd Bohle. Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers are also the responsibility of the Americans. Exactly, she has 27% from the NBA franchise and 20% from the baseball team. he sat blue It is his first experience in the world of football. His first action at the helm of the club has already been corrected. We’ll see if in signing he makes his decision better.

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