Olga Merino receives the RAE Prize for Literary Creativity for La Forastera

Olga Merino already has in her hands the prize awarded by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language to The best literary creation For his novel “Alfaguara” in its nineteenth edition. He received it from the academic Juan Luis Cibrian in a ceremony marked by words and silence, in homage to the work “Silence” by Juan Mayorga, part of which was interpreted by actress Blanca Portillo before the ceremony. It couldn’t be more relevant, because it’s practically all Award winning business They focus precisely on that, on what is said and what is not said, on what we feel and what we are silent about.

“Thank you academics for recognizing this work and my efforts, for me it is a great honor to reach this audience. I trust it will not sound so bold if I say that I feel this house is somewhat mine. At least I have a slab of doorway for the love of Spanish.” The one I was born with. The love I suppose was born at the age of 10 when I found out dictionary miracle Where every concept, every object found fit into a word to try to explain the complexity of man.

I would like to emphasize that the award-winning novel “La Forastera” intends to pay homage to that empty and forgotten Spain that was already beginning to show symptoms when Don Miguel Delibes entered this house. The Barcelona writer, collaborator of El Periódico de Catalunya, of the Prensa Ibérica group, said in her speech, before reading a part of the work that she has acquired thanks to becoming in One of the main authors of our time.

The “La forastera” award was proposed by Mario Vargas Llosaand Jose Maria Merino and Carme Riera It has an economic endowment of 20,000 euros, which is presented with a commemorative medal. The novel tells the story of Ange, who withdraws after a young man’s life from the excesses of a village in southern Spain. To the neighbors, she is crazy and eccentric and can only be seen in the company of her dogs, while her existence takes place in an old family home between the present and the ghosts of the past.

Olga Merino (Barcelona, ​​1965) also published such titles as “Red Ashes” in Ediciones B and “Paper spurs” and “Dogs that bark in the basement” in Alfaguara. In 2006, she won the Vargas Llosa NH Short Story Award for the short story “The Rules Are the Rules”. The author publishes in Diaries of current affairs and literature “The Notebook Spiral,” a format similar to his last book, “Five Winters,” commemorates his experience as a reporter for this paper in immediate post-Soviet Moscow.

Pauline and Mixabile

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The director of the film collected the distinction named after her friend, with whom she worked on the film “Leo” as an actress. Ibon Etxezarreta, a member of the terrorist group ETA, said Paulín, referring to Mayorga’s work and her approach to the relationship Maixabel Lasa had with her husband’s murderer, Juan María Jáurregui.

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