New Year’s Eve Program | From José Mota to Cachitos: What to watch on TV on New Year’s Eve

After spending two of the strangest years of Christmas celebrations, We are facing the end of 2022 The illusion of enjoying a full and happy Christmas like before the pandemic. cohabitation with Covid more than normal And the threat of restrictions is almost forgotten already, Spanish homes Those wishing to organize a family reunion Huge with a festive atmosphere and a great desire to celebrate life. In this mission, it is one of the most classic accompaniments He is the one shown on TVwhich are active long hours in this type of meeting.

Jose Mota’s New Year’s program

José Mota will return to the channel with his own brand of humor within a new space titled “José Mota Show 5G”. With this renewal, the legendary comedian returns to the channel with which he has been associated for the past decades with entertainment formats such as “La hora de José Mota”, “José Mota Offers…” or “¿Y si si?” , plus New Year’s Eve comedy specials. In 2023, the comedian will repeat. On September 14, TVE confirmed on the season’s show in Callao that José Mota would once again star in New Year’s Eve for the ninth consecutive year.

“Save Yourself Putin” is the name of the pre-grapevine humor show. This parody of the popular strip is the focus of the stories Jose Mota prep for La 1 before the bells make way through 2023. On this occasion from Puerta del Sol will be Ana Obregon and Los Morancos. Anne Igartiburu closed a 17-year run after conceding La 1 last year in the case of the most-watched grape series against Antena 3 and Cristina Pedroche.

Mota has already announced that Joaquín will be one of his new impersonators on the show. Become the soccer player and host of El Novato here, at special promo, In a doctor who must treat a bewildering patient. The patient suffers from a cyst, so the doctor decides to tell him a joke to the nurse’s raving, who celebrates the doctor’s good-natured sense of humor. All this in a paradox about health work.

Minister Yolanda Diaz and the popular leader Nunez Viejo Other additions to those imitated by Mota will be, Save yourself from Putin Which he began preparing at the beginning of the summer and recorded since October, taking advantage of the dramatic news that characterized this year.

Small bits 2023

Team Small pieces She has announced that the New Year’s Eve show will also air this year and that it will be about the 80s. In addition, to welcome the year 2023, Cachitos Nochevieja will present musical performances by Fari Brava, Torreros con Chanclas, Javier Gorochaga or Christina Rosenving. Los niños Jesús, Jordi Évole’s cover group, will also be on the program. For this year 2022, Small pieces Schedule a double date. the first Little Bit Karaokea program suitable only for people who love to sing. Little Bit Karaoke The broadcast will start at 10 pm, and will last for one hour. Then comes your turn New Year’s Eve, Which this year bears the subtitle “There is no nostalgia like before.” The program, hosted by Virginia Diaz, is inspired by the music of the 80’s.

“New Year’s Eve Gala” on Telecinco

New Year’s Eve to be presented Jesus Vasquez and Veronica Dolanto. Mediaset is betting again on Telecinco’s Christmas programming on music festivals. Telecinco has already announced Two specials on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. In addition, the festivals will be presented by Jesús Vázquez and Verónica Dulanto, who will succeed Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat.

Las Campanadas with Ana Obregon and Los Morancos

Ana García Obregon and Los Morancos They are the ones chosen this year to present the RTVE Chimes and celebrate welcoming the year 2023. Together, they will live the entrance to the new year on December 31, live. for Anna Obregon Will be Fifth time He broadcast the chimes at 1, last in 2020. Last year he was unable to be in Puerta del Sol after he tested positive for the coronavirus. for the duo morankos It will be his first appearance this year.

Related news

after an hour, Nia and Roberto Herrera They are going to capture the Canary Islands, this time from Galdar (Gran Canaria). Singer Nia, winner of the ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’ award, will appear with Roberto Herrera, who is celebrating his 21st birthday on the broadcast.

Happy 2023! in rtve

To bid farewell to the year and welcome the new year,Happy 2023 ‘especially with more than 90 artists National and international, provided by Chenua, Rocío Munoz The Colombian actor Carlos Torres. Among the great winners of the recent Eurovision festival: Chanel And the British Sam Ryder. They will be too Manuel Carrasco, Pablo Lopez, Abraham Mateo and Ana Mina, Manolo García, Sully Jimenez, Blas Cantu, Ruth Lorenzo, Alba Richi, Pastora Soler, Raiden, Gonzalo Hermida, Carlos Paute, Vanessa Martin, Dani Fernandez, Lola Indigo, and Junior Eurovision representative, Carlos Higgsamong many others.

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