Mum of three joins OnlyFans after son’s suggestion and feels ‘hotter than ever’ at 54

Twiggy Smith lost herself while she was focused on being the perfect wife and mother. After her divorce, she started modelling until her son recommended OnlyFans

A 54-year-old mum has decided to join OnlyFans claiming that she is no ‘hotter than ever before’.

Twiggy Smith, from Vancouver, Canada credits her increased good looks to the newfound confidence she gained from her divorce.

The mum of three spent years focusing on being the perfect ‘domestic goddess’, wife and mum – and she was so miserable she says it aged her by 20 years.

But after divorcing her partner back in 2016, Twiggy dedicated time to herself and found she enjoyed stripping her kit off for strangers during saucy shoots.

She said she now thinks of herself as “fit as ****” and hopes to inspire other mums who think they have lost their mojo.

Twiggy said: “I tried dabbling in modelling when I was 18 but I struggled with my body confidence and with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. I had no confidence and was very shy.

“I had three kids under two at one point. I was the domestic goddess that prepared dinner every day and was also running my own business.

“When I was in an unhappy marriage I looked 20 years older. I wasn’t happy and that’s what stress can do – it frays your DNA.

“In the autumn after my divorce in 2016, a photographer invited me to a shoot and so many photographers wanted to work with me. I discovered my love for nude modelling and was given a new lease on life.

“I still struggle with my body image from time to time and turned down a beer after seeing a video of myself because I thought I looked fat.

“Now I feel beautiful all the time. I love my curves and I couldn’t love being a woman anymore. I want to show others the most powerful thing you can do is be yourself.”

She added: “Now I’m super busy on TikTok, YouTube and doing other social media work.

“I like to be real and stay curvy.

“It’s important I stay as real as I possibly can – I have to be accountable and show that I have cellulite.”

Twiggy claims her son encouraged her to join OnlyFans by telling her it isn’t just porn, and it could help boost her confidence.

The mum-of-three uploads her saucier content to OnlyFans and Fansly but shares her fitness content on Instagram.

She has 60,100 followers on her misstwiggyfit page and makes an income creating user-generated content for other brands.

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