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‘mini-prados’ spread all over Spain: the Prado Museum claims that more than 3,400 works are on loan to other museums

The Prado National Museum presented its program “Extended Meadow” To rearrange its money in the form of loans – which includes 3,448 works deposited in institutions across Spain – and to highlight a procedure that has already been launched with little success.

“We knew that thesesmall lawns‘Which have been talked about for a long time cannot be assumed, as well as requests from branches from some heads of institutions that were made due to ignorance of the current situation. What we want is that If there are indeed works of Prado all over Spain, let it be knownDuring the presentation noted the director of the museum Miguel Vallomir.

generally, There are more than 3,400 works of the Prado Museum outside its historic residence in the Villanueva Building or Casón del Buen Retiro, a fact the museum considers “not known enough”. Over the institution’s 200-plus year history, deposits have been formalized, but they have responded to criteria that were more circumstantial than musical, artistic, scientific, educational, or technical.

Now, the museum has decided to reverse this situation with Create a poster -Museo Nacional del Prado Extended- which will be mandatory to show for the works filed. In addition, some works that do not fit in some places are moved and travel to other places where they are required, mainly due to geographic reasons for the authors.

“This is a collaboration with the rest of the museums, and nothing will be done unilaterally”explained Valomir, who nevertheless emphasized the importance of asking museums before sending works. “It’s not about acting like a cop and controlling, but obviously if you send a job overseas, you don’t do it until it’s in the warehouses,” he explained.

“Dressing the Saints”

The program has already taken its first steps and started pilot projects such as Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo – which in the last year and a half has received ten works from Prado and five more on the way – or that Fine Art Gravina of Alicantewhich received 28 piercings from Alicante teachers last year.

“It is not a question of quality, but of importance: what is not interesting in one place, may be of great importance in another”The director of Prado, after confirming that this project will entail changing the location of thousands of plots distributed throughout Spain. In any case, he made it clear that there would be no “sub-sites” for Prado, although there would be “enhancements” for many of the state’s museums.

She also made it clear that none of the museum’s hanging works – currently around 1,600 pieces – would go to other Spanish art galleries. “No saint will ever take off his clothes, and some works can come out of warehouses, but a piece that we think can never be shown can be shown in the coming years or decades. Mobility is for those works that are in places where they are not displayed,” asserting that it is a project “not for him.” end date”.

Iceta: “Decentralization in the Museum”

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Isita, congratulated the Prado, explaining that it is a Exploit immeasurable wealthand “encourage” other national museums to emulate this initiative. “The ministry does not order, we respect the independence of museums, but the national museum belongs to the whole nation and there is not a single zip code,” he said.

In addition, he noted that in the Ministry’s acquisition policy, there are funds earmarked for business in autonomous communities. “Once I talked about cultural federalism it would have been better to talk about the lack of focus or the true profession of national museums: this project puts everything we want into practice,” he concluded.

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