Mercadona | All new products in 2023

Mercadona wanted to start the year in the best way and he did The first big news in 2023. As soon as the Christmas season is over, the Valencia chain surprises its customers with many new products that promise to be a huge sales hit.

Some have been added to the catalog of well-known product lines that already have a solid reputation within Mercadona and others have stirred up Great expectations for customers Most faithful of the Valencian supermarket chain.

Mercadona’s new products in January

Hacendado, Deliplus and Bosque Verde have already become big brands in the market and they are because Money value In relation to other products of more famous brands.

Dark chocolate with lemon flavour

the Fusion chocolate Mercadona surprised a lot and now this line is added to dark chocolate 72% pure cocoa With an added touch of flavor with a lemon cream filling and a tart 1.10 euros.

Lemon flavored protein yogurt

One of their best selling products is protein yogurtand to the variety of flavors that exist, Now you have to add the lemon. This product line includes low-fat and high-protein milk, ice cream, yoghurt, desserts and bread, and is priced at 1.55 euros.

Dried cranberries

It is one of the red fruits that brings the most benefits to our body. Thanks to this new packaging 200 grams of dried blueberries It’s much easier keep them And transport it so you can eat it anywhere and for a price 2.10 euros.

Nourishing hand mask

Upping their personal care line, they’ve launched the new version of their popular face masks, but for hands and per-package costs 2.50 euros.

Thai carrots and coconut cream

The supermarket launches a novelty in its prepared dishes: Thai carrot and coconut cream. It is located at about a 100% vegan product And each box contains 350 grams of the product and its costs 1.70 euros.

Suckling Pig Shoulder with Baked Potato and Candied Onion

Perfect for special occasions and celebrations. The dish consists of suckling lamb shoulder with ready-made garnish and vacuum-packed Portion for two and costs 20 euros.

Hazelnut cream cake

The candy section also contains news. Each weighs about 880 grams, which equals approx 10 servingsApproximately and the price 9.50 euros.

Calcutta sauce

The cost of this special recipe sauce 2.59 euros And each jar brings 320 grams.

Isotonic drink with soluble lemon flavour

Related news

Another novelty of the line for athletes. cost per unit 8.95 euros It contains 14 doses.

lip balm

Mercadona cosmetics and makeup products are well known for their products Quality and low price But every so often, colors and formulas are revamped. Now, lip balms can be purchased and their respective costs 4.50 euros.

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