Malaguena’s musical response to “Stay” in Quevedo

Since the singer Quevedo threw it Music session with Argentine producer Bizarab, The numbers you’ve achieved are excellent, and they’ve already arrived 331 million views on YouTube. stay in The world’s ‘best’ listeners on Spotify For an entire month is something few songs can achieve.

However, as on other occasions, so was the song Covered by a young woman from Malaga what does he want Add a feminine touch to the character. The singer in question was called Sarah Cabello and is dedicated to doing “covers” in the Youtube A very diverse, but well-known song, it has spread on the networks due to its duet with the song of the summer.

Dana Paula, Stoll, Deficio, Adele or Maria Becerra, They are some of the many artists that Sarah has inspired to reinterpret her songs. On her channel, she also recounts her daily adventures and chapters in her life, holds challenges and tests with some family and friends, and shows off new clothes or tries on makeup. Here you can see it.

Knowing that there may be people who did not fully understand the message he intended to send, he cautioned in describing the video he posted, “I did it for fun, I’m not attacking anyone,” He tries to explain that he just wanted to give her a different approach to the words. Listener response to the release was generally very good His social networks are filled with compliments.

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However, it also received occasional criticism in which it was urged to change the title of the video, because they did not see it as an answer, but rather a way to continue the story Quevedo originally tells.

The success of the video has been resounding and it has already achieved more than 2 million visits on the platform and 18,000 “likes”, although it spread on networks some time after its publication. What will be the next song you cover?

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