Luis Milla’s words come true: “The Champions League will hurt Xavi”

Luis Milla’s words come true: “The Champions League will hurt Xavi”
The current coach of Persib from Indonesia has experienced El Clasico from both sides and analyzed Barcelona-Barcelona today for AS: “Barcelona is now a wounded and more dangerous animal”.

From the selection that played for Barcelona and Madrid, Luis Milla (03-12-1966, Teruel, 56 years old) analyzed Sunday’s AS Supercopa match at the Bernabéu, with his experience in 17 Clasicos (five with Barcelona shirt and 12 with white) and more 15 years as a professional.

How do you expect El Clasico on Sunday at the Bernabéu?

Although Real Madrid arrived better, feeling better and not giving Barcelona a good image in the last matches, in the end it is a Clasico, there may be surprises and what many expect does not happen.

– How do you think the baton, barring a miracle, from the presumed elimination in the Champions League will affect Barcelona?

Let’s see how the players are stripped, though, of the incentive to play and win El Clasico. Barcelona’s situation is complex, it’s clear, but they will have to start focusing more on La Liga, at the expense of a miracle in the Champions League, and what better way than to beat their eternal rival, with what that might mean from an emotional and sporting point of view, because it will really take Three points from Madrid.

– Last season there was a similar situation to the current situation and Barcelona won 0-4. Do you think it can be repeated?

In El Clasico, with two teams the size of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​anything can happen. It is true that Ancelotti’s men arrive better, because domestically they start with a slight advantage, but I insist that Barcelona, ​​who have greatly developed their team and are now a wounded animal and more dangerous.

– As a coach, what explanation do you give for Barcelona’s decline in the past two weeks, when the start to the season was so good?

It’s hard to tell if you don’t get into him, but Barça made a big financial effort to create a more competitive team, and I think he signed very well the style that Barca has always followed, and now also with Xavi, but all those pieces, which are many, have to fit in. And they need their period of adaptation, without forgetting the injuries they suffered and are still suffering from. Anyway, despite the fact that she has tied up a series of negative results that have led to distrust, she has never before won all the titles nor is she now a ruin.

Based on those signings made by Barcelona, ​​do you think your team has caught up to Madrid?

Despite the fact that Barcelona have signed great players, in the continuity and management of changing the course, Madrid, who have signed very well, excels. Madrid has done excellently in recent years, while Barcelona, ​​with its previous board of directors, has not been able to recycle and started last year. Laporta and the sporting and financial management team did a great job and now it’s up to Xavi and the players to confirm that, while Madrid has a very strong mentality after winning the Champions League and La Liga and is very strong and handles many records.

The setback in the Champions League, except for a miracle, will it damage Xavi’s credibility?

Yes it will hurt you. He is the coach that Laporta has trusted, he knows the house and that dressing room, because he has been there for many years, he has a great future, but the demand in Barcelona is maximum and when there are bad results, like in this case, he shoots quickly towards the coach, and more. In such big clubs.

You who were on both teams, where do you feel the pressure worse when stones appear on the road?

In both, because they are two great teams and the demand is maximum. What has been happening for some time now is that Madrid have taken the good course while Barcelona have not, and that is why they are under more pressure.

Is your ideology as a coach closer to Real Madrid led by Ancelotti or Barcelona Xavi?

In the end, coaches have to adapt to the players we have and based on that we do some tactics or other.

What distinguishes Ancelotti and Xavi?

I really like Ancelotti’s attitude towards the media and the way he manages the dressing room. He has a great calm which gives him his vast experience. And from Xavi, the passion and illusion he puts into his work because he knows it’s the opportunity of his life.

What signature do you keep from Madrid and Barcelona?

From Barcelona, ​​without a doubt, with Lewandowski, despite his age. And from Madrid, it seems to me that Tchoamini’s operation is remarkable because of its future.

Do you think the cycle of Pique, Busquets and Jordi Alba is over at Barcelona?

What is clear is that the years pass. Obviously they are important, they are the champions of everything, with Barcelona and the national team, but I don’t know the desire to keep improving despite their age. Xavi will have to do some significant management for the performance of all three to be added.

Did Asensio do well to stay in Madrid?

Nobody wants to leave Madrid. Certainly Ancelotti will have told him that he has other team-mates ahead of him, he will have told him what role to play, but there are many games in the season and he will certainly have his proper role.

What do you think of Hazard’s situation?

Looks like Bell to me, saving some distance. He understands that his role has been relegated and the mentality of a top player like him is very difficult, and it is unlikely to change this situation. I don’t think we’ll see the best Hazard anymore.

The result of the classic?

3-2 who wants there to be goals and presentation.

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