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Lidl dog bed that wins at its price

product for moreLidl dimensions succeed online. It is a very economical dog bed, ideal for rest and stress relief in dogs. The best thing is its price: it sells for less than 15 euros.

The dog bed is made of soft quilted plush. Lidl’s description on his website makes it clear that it is a soft and resistant article.

Made of polyester, a material that is washable at 30. It has a diameter of 70 cm and a supporting surface of 45. It weighs less than a kilogram (910 grams).

The brand is so confident in its success that it offers a three-year warranty on this item.

But its success does not depend (or at least at least) depends only on food. In fact, Lidl has many products related to house cleaning that are often a hit among those who love chores (or among those who have no choice but to be, among those who are many). The truth is that they sell many devices that can help us (a lot) on a daily basis.

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