Last-hour drivers take advantage of a 20-cent discount for refilling deposits

the New Year chimes It would mean the end of the 20-cent rebate per liter of fuel that all drivers have taken advantage of since April 1 by government decree to mitigate price hikes, mainly as a result of the war in Ukraine. As of midnight, this discount is reserved only for professionals in the transport, agricultural, fishing and marine sectors.

This discount will – Disbursement to the treasury of about 5,500 million In euros between April and December, according to the data of the aforementioned ministry.

For this reason, there is a file Continuous dripping of vehicles At service stations to fill or rather refill tanks. An event that began last Tuesday, after the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced the disappearance of this universal opponent.

It should be noted that filling the tank with only five or ten liters saves one and two euros, respectively. This official discount is 20 cents a liter Additional discounts of about 10 cents have been added of the average liter made by the major oil companies on their own and benefited by their customers through loyalty cards. Those bonuses included paying €440m to Repsol and €135m to Cepsa, according to both companies.

Specifically, these companies have announced that they will hold these discounts of about 10 cents on average during the first quarter associated with their card payments.

Unlike on April 1st when those discounts kicked in, Now there are no registered blocs At service stations, this newspaper has also been verified. According to confirmed sources in the sector, refueling operations have become more widespread over time. “In addition, it was a lot of sales for a few liters or half a tank,” they add.

It should be remembered that when this discount was launched, huge queues of cars formed at many gas stations, since many drivers had deposits in reserve waiting for the bonus. In addition, a large number of service stations, especially those that do not belong to the major oil companies, faced serious problems in managing the sale of fuel at discounts, as The Bank of England published this measure just 36 hours ago Before it went into effect they had to retrofit their computer systems in record time. And the worst thing for gas station managers is that they had to pay money for discounts, the amount of which the treasury returns after several months of entrapment.

In addition, Prices have changed a lot, and for the better. On April 1, the average price of 95-octane petrol was 1,818 euros and diesel 1,837 euros. And although they reached 2.1 euros per liter in the second half of June, they are currently 1,565 and 1,643 euros, ie 14 and 10.5% respectively.

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