Is it okay to shower daily? This is the response of a Yale doctor who stopped taking showers 8 years ago

A 2017 study placed Spain at the top of the global ranking of countries where showers are most common. Specifically, we Spaniards put ourselves under the water stream at an average rate 6.8 times a weekwhich is a fact that shows that It is widely accepted to take a shower once a day.

However, there are skepticism among experts as to whether this rate is ideal for our health. There are many scientific studies that revealed it Showering daily can be risky does not want. James HamblinHe is a physician specializing in preventive medicine and a professor at the prestigious Yale University School of Public Health, and is one of those.

Do you eight yearsIn 2015, Hamblin made a decision: Stop showering. An unusual and, in principle, displeasing decision, satisfactory for this American professor: “I feel completely fine. You will get used to it. I feel normall & rdquo; , an expert confirms 40 years who reduced his physical hygiene to a minimum and Use hand soap only for your personal hygiene.

“I think that It is a gradual process. All those who have experience in passing A day or two or three without showering You know what the gut reaction is, ‘I feel terrible. I look disgusting. I smell gross” ” he explained in 2020 during his book launch”Hygiene: The New Science of Skin and the Beauty of Doing Lessthe result of a 5-year study of hygiene, skin, and health.

According to Hamblen, by shortening your shower, your body gets used to it and “You reach a balanced state with the oils your skin secretes, the microbes that live on your skin, and the entire environment a lot less volatile.& rdquo;. In fact, the skin stops getting oily when you stop using harsh soaps. s Yes, it smells good, but it doesn’t have the classic body odor & rdquor;. “Many people use it Shampoo to remove oils from hair, then apply conditioner to remove industrial oils. If you can break that cycle, your hair will end up looking the way it did when you started using those products,” he says as one of the most common mistakes he draws as a conclusion from his research.

What do the experts say?

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However, a study was published in the journal time I concluded, after listening to the opinion of several experts, that in cases where there are no additional conditions for sweating, a shower may be sufficient. Between once and twice a week.

The habit of showering daily, even if it is advisable for hygienic reasons, can be considered a social norm It responds more to aesthetic issues than health. According to the medical research mentioned above, excessive grooming can be harmful, weaken our immune system, remove some bacteria necessary for the body, and increase the presence of germs and microorganisms that attack the skin, as well as drying and cracking the skin.

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