Iran sentences actress Mozgan Ilanloo to 74 lashes and nine years in prison for posting pictures without a headscarf

Posting a picture without a headscarf in Iran is punishable by 74 lashes and nine years in prison. It is the punishment faced by the Iranian actress and director Mozhgan Ilanlu. He was sentenced by the Tehran court for acts against public security and public disorder. Ilanlu was sentenced to six years in prison for complicity against the security of the country; to 15 months for propaganda against the Islamic Republic; Sharq daily reported 15 months for public disorder and another 15 months for encouraging illegal actions.

She was also sentenced to 74 lashes and a fine of 80 million riyals (200 euros) and banned from leaving the country, belonging to social organizations, or participating in media activities for two years.

The director and women’s rights activist was arrested in mid-October after she posted several photos on her social media sites in which she appeared without the obligatory veil for women and called on other women in the country to take to the streets without it.

Earlier this year, Iran released actress Taraneh Alidoosti, 38, after being released on bail, according to her lawyer, Zahra Manavi. Alidoosti was arrested on December 18 after urging Iranians to support anti-government protests, becoming one of the most prominent targets of the Iranian government’s campaign against athletes, rappers, actors and actresses who have expressed opposition to Ali Khamenei’s government.

Protests spread across the Islamic Republic in mid-September following the death of Mohsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl who had been arrested by the morality police, accused of violating the law requiring women to wear the veil. prude clothes. Although the protests initially focused on dismantling the “veil law,” they quickly expanded to demand an end to Khamenei’s government.

Heavy repression by the Iranian authorities led to a decrease in the intensity of the protests in Iran. Public executions and sentences of hanging seem to have calmed the streets, and there are no longer mass demonstrations in the streets of the city or in the universities of the country.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a non-governmental organization, raised the death toll in the country to 522 since September as the protests began. Based in the United States, this organization specializes in monitoring the situation in the Islamic Republic. It is estimated that among the dead there are already 70 minors.

For its part, the Iranian NGO for Human Rights, based in Oslo (Norway), maintains the death toll that was published five days ago: 481 deaths, including 64 children and 35 women.

“With massive repression, illegitimate elections, and apparent corruption and mismanagement, authoritarian Iran rules with what it has left: brute force,” Tara Sepehri, Iran researcher for Human Rights Watch, said in the report. Human Rights Watch annual report on human rights.

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