Iberia does not anticipate differences in the Air Europa purchase price

Iberia believes there will be no changes in the purchase price of Air Europa and expects to close the operation at £500m plus take on debt. This was estimated on Wednesday by its president, Javier Sanchez Prieto, who stated that “there is no fundamental difference in the current value of Air Europa in relation to the terms of previous agreements”.

The parent company of the former Spanish flag carrier (IAG) has exclusivity until March to negotiate for the Hidalgo family’s airline. If the operation doesn’t close in that period, “we’ll see if we stick with the idea of ​​buying the company or take another path,” Sanchez-Prieto advanced.

At the moment, IAG has 20% of Air Europa in its hands after converting the hundred millionth of the syndication loan that parent company Iberia gave to Globalia into shares last August.

Beyond the future integration of Air Europa, Iberia celebrates that 2022 was the year of recovery: have returned to full employment after removing all of their staff from ERTE; They plan to return to benefits and this month they were able to conclude the collective agreement with the cabin crew. In addition, they have already restored all the roads that were working before the pandemic.

They also celebrate the qualitative leap that they will make next year. Having received 13 new aircraft this year (seven of them are A350s, four of which belong to the new Airbus standard) they hope to boost the business. theThe last two A350s have been received this month The new business, premium and tourist cabin has already been integrated.

Attack in Latin America

Another big focus will be on increasing its operations in Latin America. After restoring routes to Caracas and Rio de Janeiro, it now has 18 destinations in 16 countries, offering around 260 weekly flights, a number that is expected to continue to grow in the coming months. Iberia’s most significant growth in this market has been in Mexico (up to three daily flights) and Colombia (where it will grow from two daily flights to 18 and, gradually, up to three daily flights).

These two countries along with Peru (where it will operate seven to ten weekly flights) and Argentina will focus on the Iberia offensive in 2023, which already offers daily flights to all of Central America, continues to grow in the Caribbean and increases capacity in other countries such as Ecuador and Uruguay.

All in all, after a year in which the company also focused on getting its US operations back. It has restored its destinations New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and added Dallas and Washington.


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