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‘I can’t buy home with regular job due to housing crisis so turned to OnlyFans’

Emily, 32, from Melbourne, Australia, is so successful on OnlyFans that she makes roughly £173,000 per year. Because of the housing crisis, she says she wouldn’t be able to afford a home without doing the work she does

These days it isn’t unusual for someone to walk away from their regular jobs to join racy platforms such as OnlyFans.

But why is that the case?

For Emily Mai, it’s one of the very few sustainable options available in an increasingly expensive housing market which is unaffordable to most.

Emily, 32, from Melbourne, Australia, has been blessed with such a successful career where she makes about £173,000 per year on OnlyFans alone.

When she became pregnant with her first child a few years ago, she observed a shift that surprised her: an erotic fascination with pregnancy and lactation content.

This content continued to prove to be popular when she was pregnant with her second child.

The top Australian content creator, who just recently purchased her second home thanks to her OnlyFans salary, says people working standard jobs at a “normal” wage are no longer getting by without serious hardship.

“Forget property ownership, many people – since the pandemic, dare I say most people – can’t even afford regular rental properties these days, which are far and few between thanks to lack of availability and the market driving prices up,” she says.

“Ever-rising inflation, stagnant wages, food, medicine, the cost of driving to your job… we are in a serious crisis, and many people are turning to sex work because, quite frankly, it pays the bills.”

Emily paid off her first home in less than five years and bought the second property as insurance in “building a better future for my children”.

She was always pressured to follow the traditional route of working her way up the corporate ladder in an office job “because it’s what my strict, conventional Asian parents wanted for me, but I was so unhappy in all of my jobs”.

Entering the adult industry, and specifically working as an OnlyFans creator, is when Emily started making real money and said goodbye to regular employment.

“Even though my family doesn’t approve, they know I’m setting up a future so my kids don’t live in commission housing, on Centrelink benefits or get Christmas presents from charities like I did,” she shared.

“I can’t afford a home with a regular job; we’ve got a real crisis in our communities, and something needs to be done to benefit middle and low-income people in terms of housing and living affordability.

“I made what I believe to be the right choice for my family, and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to make a living this way, and I truly enjoy it. And I’m not going to apologise for it.”

Before the career she has now, Emily was working in “boring” administrative office jobs that left her unfulfilled.

She was eventually offered the opportunity to manage the careers of exotic dancers before venturing into feature dancing herself.

While she liked many aspects of the job, especially the paycheck, Emily knew that she would rather shoot original content from the comfort of her own home. She joined OnlyFans in February 2019 and never looked back.

After a few years of “normal” jobs, she is grateful for the opportunity to explore new kinks with her clients and doesn’t regret her career choice.

Now she has settled into a six-figure career after having given birth to her second child.

“I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin, but getting a little bit older and becoming a mother has boosted my confidence and made me feel more at peace with myself, which I believe reflects in my work,” she explained.

“My life may be a work in progress, but right here, right now, I am very satisfied and content.”

Emily knew she didn’t want to be working in an office for 40+ hours a week while her children were in daycare and this job allows her to have more time with her son and pregnancy.

She said previously: “When my son is asleep, I get work done; when he’s awake, I have the opportunity to make the most of mum duties like cooking, cleaning and connecting with him.

“I work more hours now, but the flexibility within my day is what means the most to me.”

To keep up with Emily visit her Fansly, website, Instagram and OnlyFans.



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