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Cameras have long ceased to be my favorite tool for taking pictures. This phrase, which is so commonplace today, sounded utopian a few years ago. The trend is closely related to the secession and subsequent democratization of the smart phonesis already in the pockets of 67% of the world’s population, according to the report Digital 2022 April Global Statshot from DataReportal. These devices have revolutionized the concept of the mobile phone and completely changed many of the daily habits and activities of the human being. Among them is photography. The quality achieved by smartphone cameras means that the vast majority of the millions of images obtained every day around the world are taken from these devices: up to 92.5% of the total, according to various studies.

The fact that phones have also become (or above all?) Cameras explains why lenses are currently one of the most decisive characteristics for users when purchasing a device. Manufacturers focus, and nothing better, on offering the best features in all things photography and videography. Some, like Vivo and its X80 Pro model, take the experience to the next level: they turn the phone into a true professional camera, going beyond the frequent selfie in front of a monument or a waterfall. Another step for which the Asian company has chosen technology is by partnering with Zeiss, one of the most popular and innovative manufacturers of optical equipment and lenses, which has its origins in the former East Germany.

Four new cameras and “modes” for the perfect photo

With this alliance, the X80 Pro can boast of one of the best cameras on the market. Vivo’s new flagship phone has four rear lenses, as well as a 32MP front camera, which makes it perfect Personal Photos. Already at the back, a 50MP main sensor stands out, accompanied by a second 48MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto sensor. As icing on the cake, an 8MP Periscope lens comes with an extension Zoom in Optical zoom up to five ratios to capture the smallest details. One of the X80 Pro’s great strengths is its high level of stabilization, which is achieved on the main and periscope lenses thanks to the optical stabilization system in both cameras.

The X80 Pro has a rear camera with four high-quality lenses, including a 50MP main sensor.
The X80 Pro has a rear camera with four high-quality lenses, including a 50MP main sensor.

And along with this outstanding lens offering, the X80 Pro includes a host of new features to help you get the perfect shot every time. It is exactly the result of Vivo’s collaboration with Zeiss. The ultimate goal was nothing more than to improve the color processing in the images for maximum sharpness and as much realism as possible. To do this, it provides the user with different modes, such as Zeiss Natural Color, which is activated directly from the camera application itself and adjusts colors and exposure, so they look more natural, giving the device the ability to offer the greatest brightness and accuracy in images.

the smart phone Vivo also allows you to get typical photos of a professional camera. This is exactly what is called put zeiss, Perfect for taking shots without any retouching. For night photography, the X80 Pro includes super night mode, While maintaining the original look of the scene despite the low light.

Vivo’s alliance with the prestigious Zeiss company, a reference in the optics sector, aims to optimize color processing to obtain photographic images with maximum sharpness and as realism as possible.

Vivo hasn’t forgotten about photo lovers either. For them, together with Zeiss, he developed the Biotar, Sonnar, Distagon and Planar modes, which allow the user to simulate the use of lenses from different lens manufacturers and achieve artistic blur effects. It also does so with maximum stability thanks to the camera’s gimbal system, which ensures that the image never appears blurry or out of focus. It should also be noted that smart phone de Vivo supports HDR photography, which boosts the brightness in backlit photos to deliver the most realistic shot possible.

Video technologies for movie lovers

In full video fever, the Asian manufacturer, together with Zeiss, has developed a Cinematic mode With various functions that will amaze even the most professional, thanks to the claimed effect peach. This technique, also found in photographs, blurs the background to achieve maximum sharpness in the foreground of a scene. For example, it is Cinematic bokeh video mode From Zeiss creates an impact peach The oval shape, which achieves the effect of a wide cinematic lens, is able to capture videos with the utmost beauty and expression. In addition, the X80 Pro gives users the ability to choose normal lens video blur to create blurred videos with a single touch.

One of the strengths of this cinematic mode is its high level of stabilization, which provides clear and stable recordings, despite the movement. In addition, also in this line the device, which is capable of shooting in 4k at 60 frames per second, has the so-called super video An automatic algorithm reduces motion blur and provides greater stability to videos in low-light moments. Added to all this is the AI ​​system found in the V1+ imaging chip, which allows the phone itself to automatically select the video mode best suited to the lighting conditions of the recording.

It includes
The “cinematic mode” developed by Vivo, in addition to getting the perfect shots (even in motion or in low light), includes an interesting catalog with backgrounds of historical celluloid scenes.

to complete your offer cinematographic, The Asian manufacturer has included a series of effects that recreate the same Hollywood aesthetics. The X80 Pro includes a catalog of filters that will delight fans of North American productions: from classic black and white to Western films with the possibility of shooting all kinds of scenes, whether vintage or nostalgic, among others. And for night shots, the device has Ultra night mode Also for video, it is able to detect prominent areas in the dark. All the options to create a movie from your pocket or bag.

It’s not just the lenses that shine: other features of the X80 Pro

Ultra-fast and highly secure fingerprint sensor

X80 Pro ensures user safety with a single touch. The 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor provides an 11.1 times larger scanning area, allowing the device to be unlocked in just 0.2 seconds. Additionally, in order to further enhance security for apps that need more privacy, it has a dual fingerprint system.

Big screen with higher resolution

X80 Pro has a large 6.78 inch Super AMOLED LTPO display with a resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels. In addition, 2K Ultra Vision E5 with DisplayMate A + certification allows you to enjoy more defined colors and more impressive images.

Autonomy and fast charging

The vivo flagship features a powerful and long-lasting 4700mAh battery, which is sufficient even for heavy use. The X80 Pro also includes fast charging, at 80W, and allows the user to recharge their battery without the need for cables, thanks to 50W wireless charging.

High performance processor

The Vivo phone has a Snapdragon 8 Gen.1 processor, which is a chip that performs excellently and allows you to perform any kind of task, such as enjoying games at full speed. The processor is accompanied by 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. In addition, it has the Extended RAM 2.0 function, which allows the device to borrow up to 4GB of storage space and convert it into virtual RAM to give the device more memory.

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