Snowfall in Japan kills dozens of people

Heavy snowfall in Japan kills dozens of people


Heavy snowfall across large parts of Japan has killed 17 people in the last 10 days, according to a government agency’s interim report on Monday (Dec. 26), and thousands of homes across the country saw power outages.

Heavy snowfall has fallen closely in current days on the predominant island of Honshu, alongside the Sea of Japan, as nicely as on the northern massive island of Hokkaido

Seventeen humans have died and dozens greater injured due to the fact of the awful climate seeing that December 17, in accordance to Japan’s hearth and catastrophe administration agency.

power outages
The public tv channel NHK extraordinarily suggested a number of instances of deadly accidents involving aged humans who had long gone out to clear snow round their properties or on the roof of their house.

In Hokkaido, tens of lots of residences have suffered strength cuts in latest days, however the community used to be now nearly completely restored.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has suggested residents of affected areas now not to take to the street as cars have come to be stranded. The snowy episode in Japan must minimize in depth from this Monday, in accordance to the JMA.

According to BNPB Japan, the death toll was due to falling from the roof when people were trying to move snow. There were also those who slipped off the roof and fell in a thick pile of snow, and were buried there.

The Japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency said a woman in her 70s was found dead buried under a pile of heavy snow on a roof that suddenly fell on her in Yamagata prefecture’s Nagai city.

According to reports, more than 80 cm of snow has accumulated. The government is urging residents to be careful when removing snow and not to work alone.

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