Gym Karens tell me to cover up my workout outfit – but I won’t stop wearing it

Gym Karens tell me to cover up my workout outfit – but I won’t stop wearing it

Fitness influencer Janelle Clarke sparked a debate on social media after she claimed a “gym Karen” told her to cover up her sports bra while working out in the gym

A fitness influencer has defied “gym Karens” that claim she should be more covered up during her workouts by continuing to work up a sweat in her sports bra.

Janelle Clarke sparked a debate online after she claimed another woman had approached her in the gym to complain about her outfit.

In the clip, which has gained more than 2,000 likes, she was seen doing some cardio in a grey sports bra, while sipping from a pink water bottle.


Over the top of the video, she wrote: “To the lady in the gym who told me “you should cover up” before branding her a “#GymKaren” in the caption.

Janelle had plenty of support from fans in the comments section, with one writing: “Ignore her. what does she know? How would she know you thirsty for attention?”

Another commented: “The amount of people that can’t mind their business is staggering.”

A third wrote: “I’m willing to bet her husband uses the same gym and she doesn’t want him admiring you. They only care if their man looks.”

“Because she’s jealous and you make her insecure about her own body? You have nothing to do with that, not your problem,” a fourth added.

But some seemed to agree with the woman who complained.

“Well of course you will get more attention wearing this, let’s be real here,” one said.

Someone else quipped: “But men will get in trouble for not having a shirt on.”

And a third wrote: “It was rude of her to say that but I can understand … Some [people] may be scared of tattoos.”

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