Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Francia margina a España en su plan de suministro energético europeo

The unwillingness of the French government to build the MidCat gas pipeline so that more gas would reach the rest of Europe from Spain, which is already known from the repeated statements of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Now, what is new is that this decision is reflected in the writing. This was shown in one of the slides used a few days ago by the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, at a press conference on the power situation. In the law presented to the press, she was accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, Bruno Le Maire, and the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnes Pannier-Runacher. As can be seen from the picture, the European energy map drawn by France again marginalizes Spain and thinks only of the exchange of electricity and gas with Germany and Italy. It says nothing about our country, despite the fact that they are currently importing electricity from Spain at maximum capacity for reduced interconnections because now it is cheaper here than the other side of the Pyrenees due to the so-called “Iberian exception” limiting the cost of gas used to generate electricity. As much gas as possible is sent through two small gas pipelines that connect to France. No trace of them on the map. Nor with the MidCat gas pipeline project, which has now generated a lot of interest in the Spanish government after it was rejected two years ago. In this sense, Pedro Sanchez continues to seek the support of German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa. Macron despises Schulze However, Macron considers that Germany is not drawing anything on the issue. He stressed last Friday in the British Guardian newspaper that “to put an end to the ambiguity, it is a gas pipeline that runs through the Pyrenees between Spain and France, so it is not about disputes between Germany and France, unless I missed something.” Prague summit. Macron said that in a few days he will see Sanchez and Costa in Paris, “and we will find very practical agreements with three. Because that’s the way things are done well, European style.” More information France will only build MidCat gas pipeline if it has ‘pass-key’ and paid for it EU Enagás expands Irun gas pipeline with France to send more gas to Europe French president says he supports interconnection and ‘Europe’s solidarity ‘, but questioned whether the MidCat project, a project that “crosses the Pyrenees through a protected area,” is the best option, or “coherent” with the climate protection and biodiversity agenda. Another graph in the presentation compares the cost of electricity bills in France with Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. With Spain, no.



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