Flights have resumed in the United States after a computer failure that left hundreds of planes on the ground

At least 760 flights suffered delays and another 91 were canceled in the United States due to a computer systems failure that affected all commercial operations on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced. The event lasted just over three hours, but the Federal Aviation Administration has already announced the gradual resumption of flights at US airports. “Normal air traffic operations are gradually resuming in the United States after the night outage of the Air Mission Notification System (NOTAM), which provides safety information to flight crews,” the entity said on Twitter.

The failure affected the operations of the entire national airspace system and caused hundreds of delays and cancellations during the early hours of this morning in the United States.

Companies such as United Airlines have confirmed all domestic flight delays and that they will release an update when they learn more from the FAA. “Arriving and departing travelers can expect delays this morning and throughout the day,” Austin-Bergstrom International Airport said on Twitter.

In an earlier notice on its website, the FAA said its NOTAM system “failed,” though NOTAMs issued before the power went out can still be viewed.

A NOTAM is a notice that contains information that is essential to personnel associated with flight operations, but is not known in advance enough to be disseminated by other means.

It may be for information Up to 200 pages for international travel Long distances and may include items such as runway closures, bird warnings, and construction obstacles.

US authorities point out that there is no evidence that the ruling derived from a cyberattack and the White House indicates that President Biden has already ordered the Department of Transportation to fully investigate the reasons.

Currently, the FAA has asked airlines to suspend domestic flights until 09:00 am (EST) but has not issued any order regarding foreign flights.

There are 34 flights scheduled from Spanish airports this Wednesday to and from the United States, 26 of which correspond to Madrid-Barajas Airport and the rest to Barcelona-El Prat. So far, there have been 11 arrivals and 5 departures from the capital, two departures and three arrivals from Barcelona.

In Barajas there were significant departure delays to Dallas, Miami and Philadelphia, although it was not confirmed that this was due to a failure of the Notham system. They point out from Aena that while the computer issue is being fixed, it should be the airlines that decide whether or not to take off to the US.

They indicated from Iberia that all flights to the US are operating normally “because the system failure occurred before the departure of our flight, and for updates that may occur during the flight, we have an alternate communication system between the operational control center and the aircraft.”

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