Five women are suing Bill Cosby for sexual assault in the 1980s and 1990s

Five women who accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them decades ago have sued the comedian, seizing on a new opportunity. “legal window” In New York which allows victims of this type of crime to go to court for one year even if cases are identified.

Cosby, who has been accused and sentenced in 2018 so far by dozens of women Ten years in prison On charges of sexual assault, he was released from prison in 2021 after a court overturned his conviction due to an earlier civil settlement voiding the trial.

This new lawsuit, filed on Monday and echoed by US media today, also targets the NBCUniversal group, Kaufman Astoria Studios and the Carsey-Werner Company, which between 1984 and 1992 produced the famous “The Cosby Show.”

Two of the plaintiffs are former actresses on that show, incl Lily Bernard That last year he filed another lawsuit for this reason in the state of New Jersey to try to obtain compensation of $ 125 million and that he had previously publicly accused the artist in 2015.

Four of the alleged assaults occurred between the 1980s and 1990s, at the height of Cosby’s career The fifth dates back to 1969.

The five women denounced Cosby, now 85 sexual assault and batteryStressing that he forced them to maintain relations or raped them, in some cases after allegedly drugging them with a substance dissolved in their drinks.

In the case of the companies mentioned in the complaint, the plaintiffs consider them to be so negligent By doing nothing to prevent abuse.

The work of these five women before a New York court comes after that state approved a law granting a one-year period to seek justice Sexual offenses set forth to date.

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Under this regulation, for example, former US President Donald Trump was prosecuted last month against the journalist E. Jane Carrollwho accuses him of rape nearly 30 years ago.

In a letter sent to various US media outlets, Cosby’s lawyer denied the accusations against his client and accused the plaintiffs of Look for money.

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