Fernando Rueda presents “Secrets of Confession”: Mikel Legarza, El Lobo, reveals himself and shows his hidden face

On the fiftieth anniversary of Operation Wolfthe biggest strike against the terrorist group ETA, Mikel Lejarza has been discovered and his most hidden face is shown confession secrets. the book It also pays homage to a man who devoted his entire life to serving the country from the shadows and includes statements by chiefs and colleagues of Legarza and his family who speak for the first time about infiltration and their relationship with the wolf.

distance Success I’ll admitwith around 40,000 copies soldthe best spy in the history of Spain, Miquel Legarza, and the leading Spanish specialist in espionage, Fernando Rueda, team up again to reflect on El Lobo’s life as a citizen and as an intelligence agent and highlight all that he did not dare to speak in the first part of his memoirs.

A gripping story of what it means to be A self-made spy, Etta still has a bullet reserved for him, organized in two parts. In the beginning, the family and members of the secret services who closely followed the path of El Lobo share their experiences along with Mikel Lejarza and build more Up close and personal From the spy in the second part, it is Lobo himself who reveals his secrets to us, Information that has been hidden until now.

confession secrets It also refutes the hypothesis that Legarza is not who he claims to bethe young interior designer from Villaro who was recruited to do media work: “[…] Still determined to discredit him, Etta is unable to accept that a young inexperienced Basque has blown such a hole in her that he has nearly wiped out the entire organization himself.

TheOther voices from sconfession secrets

Lejarza’s leaders, collaborators, and relatives have opened up for the first time, telling their experience of a man who spent his life in hiding and shedding light on his life. The more intimate side of El Lobowho pay tribute to him from the pages of the book.

Fernando San Agustín, antecedent of El Lobo in ETAThe Spanish agent most James Bond-like, in the words of Fernando Rueda, is Fernando San Agustín, the man who moved from the military to intelligence, where he chanced upon Miquel Legarza, who had been hiding him in his home. “Mikel is a man worth studying for what he did. People in history who have slipped in have lasted a month or two, but not much more than that, because a lot of things betray you. yourself in gestures … […] Lobo was the perfect mole and there was no other mole like him.”

San Agustín praises El Lobo’s work as a black agent, without payroll or official card, and laments the treatment he received by the Spanish secret service, which, he reveals, came to want him eliminated: “In service I think he thought of killing Mikel, any organization that fears that he should fall into the hands of Etta, and if he fell, they would fear that he might sing. […] Some primitive minds must have thought that killing him was a solution.”

dumbbellsCity to be El Lobo Family: Sisters and In-laws

Despite the family’s desire to stay away from public life and the press (from which they have received various financial offers they have always refused), the Legarza sisters, as well as Mamen’s brother – El Lobo’s wife, whom we meet inI’ll admit Tell them for the first time how they lived all these years in hiding. Maria Jesus and Mari Luz Legarza did not know anything about the hidden life of their brother until one day in 1975, when they went out into the street, they discovered Mikel’s face on a poster with the text “Wanted” and “The Basque People Will Never Forgive”. The sisters also tell how their parents, now deceased, lived through the experience:

“The feeling our parents had when they found out about Miguel’s infiltration was very upsetting, they felt very bad. Resentment in the sense of thinking about what it would be like, being afraid of what could happen to him, watching the radio every day, eating their food. Thinking about what they could do. […] We’ve always lived on the edge of the abyss.”

Carlos Breeeto, the operating agent with Lejarza

Carlos Prieto, Civil Guard and agent assigned to Operation Lejarza by CESID, coincided with El Lobo in his years after the ETA infiltration, when Lejarza, despite the risks he took, orchestrated a team of black agents at the border, controlling ETA’s routes into Crossing the border between Spain and France. Prieto speaks of El Lobo’s qualities: “It didn’t take me long to realize that Mikel was a loyal man, what happened was that it wasn’t very difficult to make him jump because of the emotional burden he had been carrying since 1975, when he left ETA.”

Carlos RaMoss, Clinical Psychologist: The Intimate Self of El Lobo

To round out El Lobo’s picture, Fernando Rueda tells a secrets of recognition With clinical psychologist Carlos Ramos, who believes that it is possible that “specialists in infiltration have a special physiology”: “The mind of the infiltrator is particularly complex, among many other reasons because it is forced to play with its personal reality and circumstances, exercising a complex psychological process of detachment that allows them By letting go of themselves and getting to know others, but without forgetting who they really are.”

Confessions of a Wolf

Many wonder what El Lobo spends his time with now. Still active though The fight against terrorism has been exchanged for the frameworks of the underground economyBlack money, huge financial operations, illegal trade, high programs… Something you didn’t talk about I’ll admitBut what matters now: “The essence of my new job will be fully explained. Now I can show the stage, its many heroes and amazing special operations that will not leave anyone indifferent.”

Lejarza asserts that “If I risk my life in the fight against ETA, I play it multiplied by ten”. He also tells that he has been working on forming a successor, a new wolf: “I was setting up a new wolf to have the continuity with, which in turn would create a team of new wolves. It would be the wolf of new technologies, which would provide answers in a world radically different from the one that saw me act out.” […] In this way, El Lobo’s shadow will not disappear.”

But the discoveries of El Lobo by Fernando Rueda, The result of many months of “intense talk”It is not limited to the present. Regarding his years as a hacker, he admits: “In your mind you think you can’t become a friend, you may love one better than the other, but never become a friend. For example, I loved Berthur very much, because he was a politician, and a good uncle with his ideas.” “He was against murder. But you know that, however good he is, he’s your enemy, and if he finds out you’re from an intelligence service, he’ll cut your throat.”

As a result of this infiltration, El Lobo explains, he lost many things in addition to his “smile”. The mole years also had consequences for his mental health:I have not He never slept properly again. The ability to move around in my land. I have lost the ability to see my friends; If I want to be with someone from the family, it has to be very hidden. Mikel admits that he did not vote in the last election because he is not present for the electoral tally and reveals: “When Javier Calderón became director of the Secret Service, he ordered my severance and I think it was because of his loyalty to the former socialist government.”

Mikel Legarza also takes stock of his life as a spy, the successes and mistakes he managed to make. In spite of everything, El Lobo wouldn’t change anything: “whatWhat would have happened to me if I didn’t have this path? Honestly, I can’t even think about it. This job, sorry, this life, gets into your blood in such a horrible way, you realize you don’t know how to live any other way, you hone your instincts over time, you become a more authentic professional, but there are those who are the only ones.”

in confession secretsLejarza is honest about his spirituality and says he always felt supported and protected:I always have a gun in my belt and a cross in my pocket.. What kept me going through the hardest and worst moments was believing in something higher that helped me a lot. No one alone is able to get out of many things, a good thing, but it is impossible from many things. I know I’ve had very special help, and I’m convinced.”


Michael Legarza He was born in Vilaro (Vizcaya). In 1974 he was recruited by the Mukhabarat offside ETA with the legendary alias of the wolf And managed to deal the biggest blow to the organization in its history. Later, he spent fifteen years risking his life on high-risk missions against terrorism inside and outside Spain. In the past twenty-five years, he has delved into other realms of espionage: the media, the business world, the independence movement, the drug trade or the economics world.

Fernando Rueda PhD in Journalism and Professor at Villanueva University, Ho Senior Spanish spy specialist. is an author I’ll admit The explosive memoirs of Miquel Legarza and El Lobo and the first investigative book on the Spanish Secret Service: the home. He has also published, among others, In Her Majesty’s Service, Spies, KA: License to Kill, Why Gives Us MyI do CESIDAnd the Intelligence services: outside the law? Covert operations, power streams, spies and traitors s The second house. In addition, he is the author of novels Of mass destructionAnd the The return of the wolfAnd the a file king f past voice.

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