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Falling gears opens the door to Johnson’s resurrection

“Mission Accomplished…Now” and “Goodbye, Baby.” These are two of the phrases with which Boris Johnson said goodbye last July to parliamentarians in the House of Commons, three years after he took the roles of Conservative leader and prime minister. His words, how could it be otherwise, were uttered with this combination of his words Jokes, seriousness and mysteryOpinion writers in the local press were quick to question in their columns and talk shows whether there was a hidden meaning in them. Days later, he said his last goodbyes outside the door of 10 Downing Street, saying, “Like Cincinnati, I’m back to my plow.” The metaphor with the Roman statesman who took control of the country for the second time by popular acclamation raised suspicions that he was leaving the door open for a return.

Now, the fall of Liz Truss has become an opportunity she cannot afford to miss. Although he has not yet publicly confirmed that he will run to retard “Prime Minister” That he was in Downing Street for the shortest time, the local press maintains that his closest allies have confirmation that he intends to do so. It seems that the mechanism is already moving to get the necessary support.

So, as unlikely as it seems, Johnson is back. At least to run as a candidate to lead the British Conservatives again and thus try take overFor the second time as prime minister only three months after his resignation. ‘I’ll be back, Dodders, we’ll do it. I’m ready,’ the former prime minister told Essex MP James Doddridge in a WhatsApp message, according to his own comments to the BBC.

Start the race

The contenders to succeed Truss have until 2pm on Monday (London time) to muster the support of 100 MPs so they can advance. this friday, Penny Mordaunt She became the first to confirm her willingness to fight, and is expected to be the third in contention Rishi Sunakthe 42-year-old financier who lost his previous feud with Truss.

Allies of Johnson, who was on vacation in the Caribbean when Truss announced his resignation, are convinced that the former prime minister is able to reach the threshold Hundreds of support, with some weights in between. One is the current defense secretary, Ben Wallace, who for the second time in a few weeks refused to be part of the electoral ballot and also said on Friday that he was “leaning” to support Johnson.

The most persuasive is Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Brexiteer’s most outlandish and staunch Truss ally, Brexit Secretary under Johnson, and current Minister for Business and Energy; Ben Elliott, former party chief; Housing and Communities Minister Simon Clark and former Culture Minister Nadine Dorries told Sky News: “There is only one MP with a mandate from the British public, who won the general election just three years ago. A majority of 80 seatsAnd that’s Boris Johnson.”

Liz Truss’ downfall became an opportunity that Johnson couldn’t afford to miss

The Times reported that a major donor created a campaign group called “Back Boris” (“Support Boris”) on WhatsApp, which was already in a few hours. With more than 300 members, including other donors, ordinary deputies and governors. After being forced to resign from the ranks in July, Johnson’s return will be extraordinary. Representative Christopher Schop admitted to Sky News he was “excited” at the prospect of his return, while Tory Paul Bristow told LBC radio that “Boris Johnson can win the next general election”.


On the other side of the coin, there are criticisms from different fronts, which did not last long. The Financial Times said his return would be a “farce” and the Guardian noted that “the era of Truss is over, but the psychological drama is just beginning.” Meanwhile, The Telegraph has ventured to choose what it sees as the only word that could reconcile Johnson with some of his critics: «Sorry(‘I’m sorry’.) Because someone who was also the Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London left after starring in several scandals, the most notorious of which are those of parties where alcohol was going on in Downing Street while the population was confined in the midst of the Covid pandemic. -19.However, he never sang a mistake or took responsibility for what happened.And he apologized more times during Truss’ week “for the mistakes that were made”.

Despite the support of those who fund the party and some political allies, more than half of voters would not be happy to see Johnson return to power, according to a poll by YouGov, a consultancy. Specifically, 52 per cent of those consulted, while 27 per cent said they would be happy to see him enter the number 10 door again. However, among the Conservative voters who in December 2019 led him to a historic 80-seat majority, 56 percent said they would be “fairly happy” or “very happy” to see him return for a second term.

Johnson’s allies are convinced that the former prime minister can reach the threshold of 100 support

But Johnson faces a major hurdle: the possibility of being suspended from Parliament if the House of Commons Privileges investigation ends. He lied to Parliament Regarding illegal parties during confinement, as he was fined by the police, which could lead to him losing his seat. One of his harshest critics, Roger Gill, said that “until this investigation is completed, there should be no chance of him returning to the government,” while another anonymous told The Times that he “should remain in the Caribbean forever.”

social exhaustion

Among the general population, s It’s dark For the Conservatives, who have been in power for twelve years. Labor leads them by 37 points in the latest polls, with 56 percent in intent to vote, and a 5 percent increase from the previous YouGov poll, with the Conservatives down four points to 19 percent and the Liberal Democrats on 10 percent. .

Meanwhile, in Downing Street, Truss remains prime minister until a successor is chosen, as she indicated in her resignation letter. but still The target of many attacksand calls on her to refuse to allocate up to the £115,000 a year that would be due to her as a former prime minister, an advantage everyone who passes the number 10 enjoys regardless of how long they have been there.



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