Escrivá letter that all retirees will receive in the coming days

The year 2023 has started with many new features in terms of benefits for some citizens. As of this Monday and on the occasion of one of the latest changes in the government, the Spanish pensioners They will start receiving a letter that they should not ignore, because it contains important information about their annual compensation.

This notification from Social Security has a lot to do with the new formula for re-evaluation of its benefits, approved in the first group of Pension reform.

But what does this letter really say that will begin to reach our country’s retirees in the coming days?

Escrivá’s message to retirees: That’s what it says

In this letter addressed to retired minister Jose Luis Escrivá wanted to report on rise 8.5% In favor of Spanish retirees for this year 2023. It is the result of the new formula for Re-evaluation of pensionsnow linked to Consumer Price Index (CPI)as defined as of January 1.

“From January 1, 2023, your pension will increase by 8.5%, which is equal to the price growth in 2022, ensuring that the purchasing power of your pension is preserved.”

Jose Luis Escrivá

Minister of Integration, Social Security and Migration of Spain

Thus, as of January 1 of each year, Pensions will rise “just as much as the average consumer price index rose over the previous year”. The minister explained that the aim of this growth is to keep pace with the average price growth in 2022, “which will ensure that the purchasing power of your pension is preserved.”

the 8.5% rise It will have a disproportionate effect on different types of pensions. The most common pension will amount to €1,365.8 as of January 1, which is €107 more on average than in 2022.

Escrivá in this text reiterates his commitment to this action which will affect socialist pensions From the Spaniards: “Whatever the circumstances, you must be sure that the protection of the purchasing power of your pension is always guaranteed thanks to Law 21/2021 adopted at the end of 2021”.

In this notification, the Minister insisted on the need to continue working to “enhance” and “modernize” retirement system With the second bloc of reform, it is still waiting for a political and social agreement. Escrivá himself has explained that it is “almost done” and that it includes important measures to make our pension system “more solid and fair”.

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