English Premier League: The “coup” that Casemiro did not expect when he signed with Manchester United

signatureCasemiro for Manchester United For 70 million euros, it was one of the transfers of the summer. However, his arrival coincided with a good moment for Erik ten Hag. Hence, he watched his first four premiership matches from the bench.

They appeared as a starter in the league Great help for Cristiano RonaldoAgainst Everton (1-2) and since then there has been no one to transfer him. He even had time before the Qatar 2022 break, Debut as a scorerAgainst Chelsea (1-1).

Casemiro already speaks like a ‘Red Devil’: ‘It was unbelievable when I arrived’Man United TV

I wasn’t expecting, however, to re-coup He had to attack in the second round of the League CupAgainst Burnley (2-0). PostWorld losses forced Ten Hag to Move it from the middlethe role he had already filled at Real Madrid, Casemiro complied by noting: He was solid in defence, got the ball out from behind… Until, half an hour later, he got a pass from Dubravka against his own goalkeeper.

“He was in the center of defence, in a great way. The fact that he was playing again did not discourage him from looking for piercing passes in a reliable comeback.highlights the Manchester Evening News, which gave it a score of 7, the highest score of the “Red Devils”.

Ten Hag reveals his reasons for signing with Casemiro: “You see him grow up and…”

Erik ten Hag was more than satisfied: “He has done what you can expect from him. He is a very experienced player And he was very calm. lead from behind And he had a great cohabitation with Lindelof. I am very happy with his performance.”

He gave what you could expect from him. lead from behind. I am very happy with his performance

Eric Tunhaag

Casemiro wrote: “Well played guys” on Instagram’. De Gea replied, “A good center back.”

The numbers support his strong performance. Casemiro was the player with the most plays (126) and assists (90). Fifteen of them made it to the last third of the opponent’s field. On a purely defensive level, he completed nine balls, two blocks and one interception.

It just seems like an experiment, but the Varanes, Lindelofs, and Maguires have to be careful…because There is “wood” from the factory in Casemiro.

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