English Premier League: Liverpool’s unexpected Christmas gift: Weiss’s own goal…in 7 minutes!

And theLiverpool ended 2022 with a strange victory over Leicester thanks to two own goals by Wout Faes in the last stage of the first half (38th and 45th minutes). The Belgian defender could not believe his bad luck inadvertently turning the game around after team-mate Dewsbury-Hall’s opening goal.

The first of the goals came from a cross from the left without much danger as Weiss turned the ball and got poisoned, tracing an unusual tale that turned into an unstoppable shot. Meta Ward couldn’t do much with the action, though perhaps with the screamer at his center, the action wouldn’t have happened.

The second goal, more parried, came when the Belgian returned the ball to his own net, trying to deflect a rebound from the post after a shot by Darwin Nese inside the small area. The desperate slump of his run towards goal, along with Salah, played a trick on him and he ran the ball into his boot without much wiggle room.

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